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The significance of ancient Persia Mike C and Mike P.

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1 The significance of ancient Persia Mike C and Mike P

2 Writing The Persian empire used clay tablets with inscriptions of Darius with other writing. In Persia, they used a lot of different “scripts”. They were Old Persian Cuneiform, Pahlavi, Aramaic, and Avestan.

3 Government Organization Darius established tax collection allowing to keep customs and religions etc. Satrap was another district of Darius’s empire. Cyrus I and Darius I were to of the most well known rulers of Persia. Their religion Zoroastrianism dualistic was like the balance of good and evil.

4 Peresepolis Peresepolis was one of the four capitols during the time of the Persian empire, and one of the largest. The inside of the Palace of Peresepolis was built on a stone platform and had many rooms.

5 “Specialized Workers” There were a lot of workers that did unique different “special” jobs. Some were… Archers shield barriers. Satraps were responsible for securing tribute, and deliveries to the royal palace Pro guardsman were the calvary.

6 Advanced Technology The Persians were very advanced when it came to technology. Some of their advancements include… Chariots were used for transportation rather than walking. They had advanced weapons for warfare. They had an unique and efficient coin/currency system compared to everyone else's.

7 Ancient Egypt Writing in Egypt was written in Hieroglyphics. They were written on walls, signs, and scrolls. Pyramids where were leaders and important people were laid to rest for eternity. The Egyptians also believed that the dead had an “afterlife” in which the treasures and items they were buried with were taken with them to live again.

8 Questions What did Persians use to write with?____________ Name the largest capital of the Persian Empire. _______________ Name the two most known rulers of Persia.__________________ Who shielded barriers?____________ What was another district of Darius’ Empire?___________

9 Questions Cont. Name two forms of writing in Persia.________ __________ Name the religion of the Persian Empire._______________ What was the writing script used in Egypt?_______________ Where were important bodies buried in Egypt?_______________ What was the said place of where the dead go?_______________

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