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----- by Fergus M. Bordewich - ----- by Fergus M. Bordewich.

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1 ----- by Fergus M. Bordewich by Fergus M. Bordewich

2 Key Words Historic Forge Exploit Capture Impose Disguise compel

3 Important Phrases stand up for on the side close in pass for be intent on

4 historic (line 15) & historical a historic event/ spot/site In his book, Churchill recalls that historic meeting with Roosevelt. More money is needed for the preservation of historic buildings and monuments. historical research/play Historical evidence is fully reflected in the book. famous or important in historya historical event is supported by the evidence of history

5 forge: (line 22) create by means of much hard work The two countries agreed to forge closer economic ties. 建立反法西斯联盟 forge an alliance against Fascism

6 exploit: n. (line 30) brave or adventurous deed or action (usu. pl) 功绩,业绩 Schindler’s wartime exploits were later made into a film. 辛德勒战争时的事迹后来被改编成了电影. My grandfather entertained us with stories of wartime exploits. vt. 1) to use (esp. a person) unfairly for one’s own profit 剥削 e.g. The cruel boss exploited the poor by making them work for less pay. 2) to use or develop (a thing) fully so as to get profit 开发,利用 e.g. to exploit the oil under the sea

7 capture(line 45): to take captive, as by force or craft; seize; to gain possession or control of POWs are soldiers captured during war. She captured my attention immediately. 她立刻吸引了我的注意力。

8 impose (on/upon) (line 71) 1) place a (penalty, tax, etc.) officially on sb./sth. The government has imposed a further tax on cigarettes. The local government tried to impose fines on the factories which poured untreated waste into the river. 2) try to make sb. accept (an opinion or a belief) It may not be wise for parents to impose our tastes on their children. imposition n.

9 disguise v. (~sb./sth. as) (line 85) 1) give sb./sth. a false appearance She likes to disguise herself as a man in movies. 她在电影中喜欢反串。 2) hide (the real state of things) 伪装,掩饰,隐藏 It is impossible to disguise the fact that the business is bad. (used in the pattern: disguise sb./ sth. as…) 假扮,伪装 Mulan disguised herself as a man so she could fight on the battlefield. Jack escaped across the border disguised as a priest.

10 compel:(line 94) make sb. do sth.; force compel sb. to do sth. 强迫某人做某事 be compelled to do sth. 不得不做某事 想到可能会被解雇,很多人不得不卖力工作。 Many people are compelled to work hard by the thought of being fired.

11 stand up for (sb./sth.) (line 13) speak, work, etc. in favor of; support He is determined to stand up for his legal rights.

12 as an additional job or source of income; secretly on the side(line41) He has to make some money on the side in order to support his family.

13 close in (on/upon/around) (line 52) come near to, esp. in order to attack from several directions; surround Saddam summoned withdrawal when the US army were closing in on Baghdad. 美军包围了巴格达的时候,萨达姆下令撤退。

14 pass for: (=pass as) (line 112) appear alike; be accepted or looked upon as 看上去像;被看作,被当作 他被当成了医生。 He passes for a doctor. He speaks American English well enough to pass for an American. She could pass for a much younger woman.

15 be intent on doing sth.(line 30) be eager and determined to do sth. He's intent on going Abroad. intend: v. intend for: mean for a particular purpose to have in mind; plan The book is intended for children.

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