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Grace United Methodist Church 2006 Financial History & 2007 Giving Campaign Worthy of Grace.

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1 Grace United Methodist Church 2006 Financial History & 2007 Giving Campaign Worthy of Grace

2 Stewardship Topics Giving History – It’s “all good” Narrative Budget Grace’s Mission: –“Worship, Education, Service” Reasons for Celebration “Grace is Worthy”

3 Recent History of Giving at Grace Giving at Grace is “split” into 3 parts: –Annual Giving Drive – “normal budget” –Special Funds – Specific, “earmarked” Kenya Side-by-Side Hurricane Katrina –Capital Campaign – Renovations, Organ

4 Annual Commitments Make up the majority of our giving Pay for the church’s worship, ministry, education, outreach, programs Each year new commitments What we have historically considered our “normal budget”

5 Annual Giving History

6 Special Funds Collect around $150,000 - $400,000 in “Special Funds” annually From Heifer project to Russia Initiative Represents a significant giving attitude We want to give to specific causes Includes Cost Sharing from Other Sources

7 Total Annual Giving (recorded)

8 Narrative Budget What your gifts are used for: –Worship, Education, Service How your dollars fund our ministries

9 Narrative Budget Worship – 19% Christian Education – 14% Missions and Social Concerns – 10% Conference Apportionments – 12% Evangelism / Outreach – 8% Communications – 4% Administration – 13% Trustees – 20%

10 Worship Sunday Services Preaching Pastor Greeters, Ushers, Guides St. Andrews Callers, Grace Lights Bulletins, Chancel Supplies Communion Flowers, Honoraria Music, Choirs

11 Christian Education Sunday School Adult Bible Classes High School Retreats Vacation Bible School Confirmation Educational supplies Bibles Leadership training

12 Missions and Social Concerns Typically fund over 30 missions/social concerns: Redbird Mission Partners in Mission Wayside Cross Mission Sunday African Church Missionary Support African University Russia w/God’s Love Christmas in April, Families helping Families Ecumenical Adult Care Prison Ministries Millennial Challenge Life Spring Habitat for Humanity Naperville Cares Sharing Connection Epworth Hesed House Bread for the World Loaves and Fishes Marcy-Newberry Child/Serv RoseCrans Golden Cross Samaritan Counseling Center Adult Literacy

13 Conference Apportionments One of largest United Methodist Churches Historically Fund 100% of “our share” Our share is growing – up 9% (max) in each of 2005 and 2006 Special District Apportionments Conference Administration Development of our Leaders Development of the Church “Reconnecting the Connection” “Claiming Christ on the Margin”

14 Evangelism/Outreach Pastoral Care Stephen Ministers Grace home visitors Membership Care Devotionals Christ Care Small Group Ministries

15 Communications Information Spread the news Newspaper Grace Notes People of Grace Yellow Pages Web Page

16 Administration Program support Office work Payroll Fees Consumables Refreshments Telephone Bills Postage Office Supplies Office Equipment Leases, Maintenance

17 Trustees Caretakers of our “Physical Plant” Church, Lighthouse, Parsonages Repairs, Maintenance, Inspections HVAC, Plumbing, Building, Electrical Fire Alarms, Landscaping Lawn Care, Snow Removal Janitorial, Refuse Removal Liability, Property Insurance Utility Bills – lights, heat, water, sewer

18 Staff Historically All our Staff Costs are “parked” here Salary, health care, disability insurance, Medicare, Social Security, and pension funds Preaching Pastor Associate Pastor Parish Ministers Communications Coordinator Nurse Small Group Coordinator Minister of Spiritual Development Christian Education Director Nursery Care Workers Child Care Coordinator Music Director Children’s Choir Director Organist Pianists Youth Ministry Director Associate Youth Ministry Director Secretarial Staff Business Manager Custodians Kitchen Manager.

19 “The church is always asking for money” Yes, we are. Why? 1.There’s ALWAYS a need 2.Biblical – “ask and ye shall receive” 3.Stewardship – be responsible for our collective gifts

20 So What Now?

21 Celebrate!!!

22 Celebrate Each Other –Christian Fellowship –Individual and Community –Harvest Home Celebration – Oct. 11th Celebrate Grace’s gifts –New Renovations –New Worship Focus –Grace Education Programs –Service and Missions We are Worthy of God’s Grace and Grace is Worthy!!!!!

23 You are Stewards of Grace You worship God You are involved in the life of Grace Church You have fellowship with each another You care about your Church You are stewards for the gifts you bring to Grace Church

24 You Give You already give freely, often, and generously Now Consider: –Creating a “buzz” about our congregation –Advocating for Grace to others –Accentuating the positive –Growing in your giving

25 Spiritual Giving Our giving is Spiritual – and represents our commitment to the church ‘Tis better to give than to receive The Lord loves a joyful giver He who has much is expected to give much What is the Lord calling me to give?

26 Grace is Worthy Challenge

27 Re-establish our 2004 giving levels, to benefit all programs, missions, fellowship and outreach commitments Overall, a 7% increase above 2006 giving Help us meet this challenge for 2007 Grace is Worthy

28 2007 Stewardship Campaign Grace is Worthy 2007 Annual Commitment Drive –Personal appeal to each member Need Commitment from each Grace Member –You are the Church –Prayerful Consideration of your Commitment –Spiritual Giving Submit EOG Cards –No later than November 12 th –To Office, On-Line

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