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Question Round Brought to you By

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1 Question Round Brought to you By
Pradeep D C

2 Indra Question 1 Who was mainly worshipped in the Rig Vedic period?
Vishnu Sun Trimurti Indra

3 Question 2 Who is regarded as the great law giver in ancient India? Panini Manu Kautilya None of these Manu

4 The Rigveda Question 3 We can know about early vedic period from :
Comtemporary Culture Jatak Katha The Rigveda Archaeological Excavations The Rigveda

5 Swami Dayananda Question 4
‘The Vedas contain all the truth’ is interpreted by : Swami Dayanada Swami Vivekananda Raja Ram Mohan Roy None of these Swami Dayananda

6 Question 5 By whose efforts did Buddhism become global religion? Harsha Kanishka Bindusara Ashoka Ashoka

7 Akbar Question 6 Fatehpur Sikri was founded during the period of Akbar
Shahjahan Iltutmish Razia Begum Akbar

8 Question 7 Name the Mughal emperor of India who was more an adventurer than a ruler? Babur Humayun Akbar Aurangazeb Babur

9 Question 8 Chandragupta II Fa-Hien came to India during the reign of
Ashoka Chandragupta II Harsha Kanishka Chandragupta II

10 Brihadeeswara Temple, Tanjavur
Question 9 Which of the following temples was built by the Cholas? Shore Temple, Mahabalipuram Brihadeeswara Temple, Tanjavur Sun Temple, Konark Meenakshi Temple, Madurai Brihadeeswara Temple, Tanjavur

11 Hampi Question 10 Examples of Vijayanagar art can be found at Somnath
Amaravati Hampi Pattadkal Hampi

12 Question 11 Rashtrakutas
Who were the contemporaries of the Gupta kings in the south? Cholas Rashtrakutas Satavahanas Vakatakas Rashtrakutas

13 Chandragupta II Question 12 Who was named ‘Vikramaditya’?
Samudragupta Bindusara Ashoka Chandragupta II

14 Question 13 Pulakesin I, was the first independent ruler of Badami, belonged to the dynasty of the Andhras Cholas Chalukyas None of these Chalukyas

15 Rajendra Chola Question 14
Who was the famous Deccan Hindu king who crossed the Bay of Bengal and conquered a number of states in Sumatra, Java & Malasia? Rajendra I Rajendra Chola Pulakesin Mahipala II Rajendra Chola

16 Chandragupta Maurya Question 15
Who was the first king to conquer Malwa, Gujarat & Maharashtra? Samudragupta Skandagupta Chandragupta Maurya Harshavardhana Chandragupta Maurya


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