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Our Time is NOW GUARDIANS OF CULTURE Thursday, October 2, 2014 HR business leaders driving the patient experience.

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1 Our Time is NOW GUARDIANS OF CULTURE Thursday, October 2, 2014 HR business leaders driving the patient experience.

2 Our Time is NOW 2 Thursday, October 2, 2014 UNDERSTANDING CULTURE Starts with understanding ourselves

3 Our Time is NOW FUNCTIONAL SCHITZOPHRENIA Thursday, October 2, 20143

4 Our Time is NOW BECOMING A SHOPKEEPER Thursday, October 2, 20144

5 Our Time is NOW THE LAS VEGAS HOT AIR BALLOON FESTIVAL at Southern Hills Hospital Thursday, October 2, 20145

6 Our Time is NOW DIFFERENTIATING CONCEPTS Shop-keeper mentality Enhance the culture/brand to drive loyalty Personalized ‘experience’ for each patient Facilitate psychic level service recovery Operate a 5-star ‘Spa’spital Take complete ownership of experience Thursday, October 2, 20146

7 Our Time is NOW LEWIN’S MODEL Thursday, October 2, 20147

8 Our Time is NOW WHAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE? - as defined by the Southern Hills team “Compassion - Nursing’s most precious asset” “Treating others the way you and your family members want to be treated” “Taking care of our customers in a positive manner” “It is that level of compassion that gives hope, acceptance and warmth, not only to patients but everyone in the healing environment” Thursday, October 2, 20148

9 Our Time is NOW OUR ROLES WITHIN OneHR Change Manager Salesperson Chameleon Advanced business partner Guardian of the culture Activity – Cultural self-awareness Thursday, October 2, 20149

10 Our Time is NOW 10 Thursday, October 2, 2014 ELEVATING the PATIENT EXPERIENCE How Southern Hills Hospital came into its own

11 Our Time is NOW ELEVATE E – Energize yourself L – Love your patients E – Energize your service V – Value the values A – Advocate T – Take ownership in the plan of care E – Energize your surroundings Thursday, October 2, 201411

12 Our Time is NOW ELEVATING SOUTHERN HILLS : Just because no one can be everything to everyone, does not mean we should not try Organizations are able to accomplish 99% satisfaction within the Patient Experience The journey is about creating the most positive culture for healing as we possibly can We need to be able to openly discuss our struggles in this process ASK YOURSELF: How do we change our expectation from 75% to 100% being our goal? How do we make ALL jobs about fostering healing care?

13 Our Time is NOW ELEVATING STAFF EXPERIENCE Thursday, October 2, 201413

14 Our Time is NOW InsideELEVATE – PHASE 2 Showing sincere concern and empathy Customizing your approach Cultural competence Anticipation in EVERY interaction Family involvement When to say Sorry Cleanliness = Quality = Detail FUEL THE PATIENT/TEAM EXPERIENCE: F – Focus on how things are going U – Understand ourselves E – Get Educated/Educate others L – Make it last

15 Our Time is NOW CustomizingELEVATE – R.I.S.E. Sought and achieved Alzheimer's certification; the third in the country Seek other specialty certifications that distinguish our program from the others Developed Alzheimer's education packet; care-giver resources and assistance Pet Therapy – Med/Surg and Geri-Psych Specific team member training Thursday, October 2, 201415

16 Our Time is NOW 16

17 Our Time is NOW 17 Thursday, October 2, 2014 BECOMING AN ACTIVE PARTICIPANT Actively driving revenue through the HR function

18 Our Time is NOW SELLING IT Determining Patient Experience ROI EBITDA * TM% = $MC EBITDA * Total Medicare Contribution = Medicare Contribution Dollar $MC * 40% = $MHS Medicare Contribution Dollar * 40% = Max amount impacted by HCAHPS $MHS / TTM = HCM-ROI Max impacted by HCAHPS / Total Team Members = Human Capital ROI - HCM-ROI * Grand Composite IN = IN-PE-ROI - HCM-ROI * ED Loyalty = ED-PE-ROI - HCM-ROI * OT&T Loyalty = OT-PE-ROI - HCM-ROI * OS Loyalty = OS-PE-ROI Thursday, October 2, 201418

19 Our Time is NOW ROADBLOCKS CHALLENGES “We don’t have the staff needed to give the level of service you are asking for” “Our processes are not advanced enough” “Bring MediTech out of the dark ages, then” “What do you know, you are not an RN” “But she was just unhappy about everything” “I can’t make a doctor communicate well” “Admin is only worried about the numbers” Thursday, October 2, 201419

20 Our Time is NOW SUPPORT Prepare yourself for the 18 month slump Keep your eye on the ball Remember who this is all for – patients Reach out. Others make it seem easy Thursday, October 2, 201420

21 Our Time is NOW 21 Thursday, October 2, 2014 “OUR TIME IS NOW!” Questions?

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