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Greeting Task: What is meant by langar?

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1 Greeting Task: What is meant by langar?
WALT: Understand what Langar is and how it started Analyse the ingredients of Langar Greeting Task: What is meant by langar?

2 Pentee Time a A e s h k K g G | c C j J \ t T f F x q Q d D n
p P b B m X r l v V S ^ Z z & L 2

3 Prayer Time Acapella Simran 3

4 What is Langar? Golden Temple Freedom of Food video The Langar or free kitchen was started by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It is designed to uphold the principle of equality between all people of the world regardless of religion, caste, colour, creed, age, gender or social status. In addition to the ideals of equality, the tradition of Langar expresses the ethics of sharing, community, inclusiveness and oneness of all humankind. "..the Light of God is in all hearts." (Sggs 282) Show video Students to write down definition: The Langar or free kitchen was started by the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

5 A True Trade

6 Feeding the Sadhus Guru Nanak Dev Ji was given 20 Rupees to
go do some business On the way, he met hungry Sadhu’s (holy men) Spent money on food and clothes for them. TEACHER TO TELL SAKHI When Guru Nanak Dev ji were 12 years old his father gave him twenty rupees and asked him to do a business, apparently to teach him business. Guru Nanak dev ji bought food for all the money and distributed among saints, and poor. When his father asked him what happened to business? He replied that he had done a "True business" at the place where Guru Nanak dev had fed the poor, this gurdwara was made and named Sacha Sauda.

7 Questions What was Guru Nanak Dev ji asked to do with the 20 rupees?
What did Guru Nanak Dev ji spend the moneey on? Why do you think Mehta Kalu was annoyed with Guru Nanak Dev ji? What did Guru Nanak Dev ji mean when he said he had done a “A true trade”? What can we learn from this sakhi? Verbal q and a, students could write or pre prepared teacher worksheet

8 Langar: Mata Khivi Ji Mata Ji was the wife of Guru Angad Sahib Ji, she rendered service in utmost humility. She would supervise the langar and serve the food with her own hands to all who came. Met five Guru’s in her life Mentioned in Guru Granth Sahib Ji Dedicated her life to seva A true role model PLEASE NOTE MATA KHIVI WILL BE A LESSON IN TERM THREE When Bhai Lehna Ji became Guru Angad, second Guru of the Sikhs, life became very busy for Mata Khivi. People were now coming to her house to see their Guru. She had always been accustomed to a busy social life, but this was different. There was a purpose to all this coming and going that had not been there before. Moreover, Sikh teaching was very clear that one must earn ones living through one's own labour. Khivi took these teachings very seriously. She took upon herself the onerous task of managing every detail of the langar. Only the best possible ingredients were used, and everyone was treated with utmost courtesy. Her hospitality has been emulated over the centuries and has become the first cultural identity of the Sikhs. She helped the Guru in establishing the infant Sikh community on a stronger footing.21 She has been described as good natured, efficient, beautiful and all round perfect Khivi.22 She has the distinction of being the only one of the Guru·s wives to be mentioned by name in Guru Granth Sahib. There she is described as a "good person", "an affectionate mother" and as "one who provides shelter and protection to others." Khivi did much more than work in the kitchen. She created a loving atmosphere for all whom she came in contact with. She and Guru Angad were very fond of their children. They lavished their love and affection on not only their own, but on any child in the community. Their commitment was so strong that it gave a beautiful example to all who witnessed it. The Guru took great delight in spending time with the children, teaching them a modified version of the Punjabi script which was easier to learn by the illiterate masses. This new script, which was his invention, soon became known as Gurmukhi script. He is credited in popularising this alphabet, in which the Guru Granth Sahib is written. Each day there was special time set aside first to teach the children and delight in their clever ways. Then they would watch the children at play, and often watch wrestling matches together. From the games, the Guru would draw lessons for his congregation. Guru Angad, with the help of Bhai Bala and other disciples, wrote the first "Life" of Guru Nanak, and this work became the first published prose of the Punjabi language.

9 What dish is this?

10 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj says:
"Balwand says that Khivi, the Guru`s wife, is a noble woman, who gives soothing, leafy shade to all. She distributes the bounty of the Guru`s Langar; the kheer - the rice pudding and ghee, is like sweet ambrosia." (Ang 967)

11 What seva can we do in Langar?
Hands up or mind map or draw?

12 Do’s and Don’ts of Seva Do simran while you’re washing up, serving
Taste the langar while you’re making it Group work, write on board, pre prepared worksheet for writing or drawing ideas

13 Langar: Guru Amar Daas Ji
Amar Das the third guru formalised the institution of langar, the guru’s free kitchen, uniting the Sikhs by establishing two key concepts: Sangat Pangat: sitting together on the ground in a row to partake of food from a common kitchen regardless of caste, creed, gender, age or social status Guru Amar Das Ji believed in the equality of all humans. The Guru Ji also ordered anyone who wished to see him, regardless of status, must first sit with commoners and share the same food in Langar. This belief couldn't have been shown any stronger than when Akbar came and sat in Langar before meeting Guru Ji. Guru Amar Das Ji did a lot for the Sikh cause. Although Langar was around before, Guru Ji formalized its rules. Sikh Podcast: Langar

14 Quiz on Langar at Darbaar Sahib
Langar Hall: At the world’s largest free eatery TO DO: Utilise mini white boards for the quiz.

15 How many plates, bowls and spoons are there at Darbar Sahib
Ask the audience Phone a friend 40’000 20’000 A B 40 million 132’000 C D

16 B-40’000 You have won £100

17 How many people come to eat daily?
Ask the audience Phone a friend 3 million 330’000 A B 80’000 3000 C D

18 C- 80’000 You have won £200

19 Loh Langar Tapde Rahin means…
Ask the audience Phone a friend May the plates remain hot Langar before sangat A B The Langar of Guru’s Shabad Has opened May the hot plates of the Langar remain ever in service C D

20 D- May the hot plates of the Langar remain ever in service
You have won £300

21 3000 people are served every…?
Ask the audience Phone a friend hour 30 minutes A B 15 minutes day C D

22 C- 15 minutes You have won £500

23 There are 300 permanent sevadaars
In langar at darbaar sahib. What does Sevadaar mean? Ask the audience Phone a friend Paid worker Cleaners A B Chef Volunteer C D

24 Congratulations D- Volunteer Congratulations


26 Ingredients of Langar TASK: Annotate your langar thaal with the key ingredients of langar What does langar represent? How should langar be served? What should our thinking be when receiving langar? Utilise the thaal document to annotate Who is langar for? What are the rules (maryada) in langar? Make sure you use key words

27 Homework 1 Always be grateful for everything especially langar whether in the Gurdwara Sahib or at home. Praying before and after langar is vital. Why? Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiement (video) Recite the following before and after every meal/drink. If you forget just recite as many as possible before bed: qU dwqw dwqwru qyrw idqw Kwvxw ] thoo dhaathaa dhaathaar thaeraa dhithaa khaavanaa || You are the Giver, the Great Giver; we eat whatever You give us. Teacher to practice with students Older version available for older groups. Extension: Write down how did reciting before and after the meal make you feel? 27

28 Homework 2 Homework: Purchase some non perishable food which we will donate to the Leicester Homeless Centre. Write a letter to the homeless shelter explaining what langar is and why you are donating food. Non Perishable: Tinned food, cereals, packet or boxed food (must be vegetarian, egg free, alcohol free) Teacher could produce headed paper etc 28

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