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Church of Ascension Vestry 2015 Wardens Report. Our core purpose as the Parish of the Church of the Ascension is to inspire and nurture friendship with.

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1 Church of Ascension Vestry 2015 Wardens Report

2 Our core purpose as the Parish of the Church of the Ascension is to inspire and nurture friendship with God and each other. Our long-term vision is to be a vibrant church of choice drawing people from all demographic sectors of the community. Parish Mission & Vision

3 Welcome increase in average contribution per giver, was ahead of inflation And more than compensated for base erosion Fun raising’s recent reversal shows revised emphasis Income Trends 20142013201220112010CAGR 2010/14 R000's % Number of givers108124127126146-7.3% Average per giver12. Planned Giving1,304.61,201.31,108.9921.1892.89.9% Loose Plate89.683.988.6105.296.6-1.9% Fun Raising14.423. Other income65.485.771.1151.9103.1-10.8% Total Income1,474.01,394.01,307.61,186.21,097.17.7%

4 Fluctuation in “other clergy cost” in 2014 reflects no assistant priest Pastoral & worship reflects cost youth ministry, social responsibility & parish tithe Property reflects cost necessary maintenance in “plant” and rectory Transport reflects accumulation of car replacement reserve Spending Trends 20142013201220112010CAGR 2010/14 ExpensesR000's % Diocesan Assessment350.5332.4308.7305.4279.05.9% Clergy Cost195.2182.4171.3161.6151.06.6% Other clergy costs107.8196.3160.7126.265.013.5% Administration284.9267.5223.9208.3206.08.4% Pastoral & Worship110.0109.265.149.3150.4-7.5% Property223.6185.4170.4137.9139.012.6% Transport113.396.9121.691.357.418.5% Total Expenses1,385.31,369.91,221.71,080.11,047.87.2%

5 Consistent policy of allocating interest to funds And appropriating unallocated income to funds for specific projects, Mainly maintenance, car replacement and social responsibility Interest income has increased with fund balances The Bottom Line 20142013201220112010CAGR 2010/14 R000's % Income before Appropriations88.724.185.9106.249.415.8% Interest Allocated15.414.215.111.512.26.1% Appropriations72.89.568.987.337.118.3% Retained Earnings0.4

6 Tithe increased faster than income, as rate was increased in 2012 Contribution to mission reduced in 2012 as PG membership base was eroded 2014 first year of regular social responsibility provision Parish Giving Trends 20142013201220112010CAGR R000's 2010/14 Parish Tithe43.941.427.822.021.719% Other Donations1. Social Responsibility12.06.40.0 Diocesan Mission115.7109.7101.9100.892.16% Donations/Gross income %11.7%11.5%10.2%10.6%10.5%

7 Total inflated by new funds administered through parish Vehicle replacement fund not dissipated by vehicle replacement in 2014 Sundry funds include office equipment replacement reserve Year End Fund Balances 20102011201220132014 R000's Organ Fund19.018.115.913.317.8 Social Responsibility Fund72.056.543.923.871.9 Maintenance Reserve59.1108.0139.846.876.4 Vehicle Replacement Fund21.951.166.0147.395.5 Tithe Fund21.722.527.943.743.9 Bonginkosi Fund0.0235.2234.5139.3124.1 Canadian Donation Fund0.0 0.242.1 Archdeaconry Fund0.0 9.9 Archdeaconry Special Fund0.0 64.9 Sundry Funds93.2106.294.2112.0136.2 Total Funds286.9597.6622.2526.3682.7

8 Detailed AFS On handout “line by line” income & expense detail for 2013 & 2014 NB policy on Property, Plant & Equipment Total assets small as investments offset by special funds liability Questions Adoption Adoption of AFS

9 Number of givers in planned giving is based on real numbers Broader base reduces increment needed from each contributor Irregular income receipts and fun raising budgets are conservative Total income increase required (7.1%),is below 2010/14 CAGR (7.7%) Budget 2015 - Income CAGR2015Budget 2010/14Budgetchange %R000's% Number of givers-7.3%1189.3% Average per giver18.6%12.10.4% Planned Giving9.9%1,430.49.6% Loose Plate-1.9%98.910.3% Fun Raising32.8%14.0-2.7% Other ad hoc-10.8%34.6-47.0% Total Revenues7.7%1,577.97.1%

10 Clergy cost - Provincial Retirement Fund “Other” - assistant priest Pastoral - increased monthly social responsibility Property - rectory roof rehabilitation & generator for church Transport – reduced VRR provision Budget 2015 - Expense CAGR2015Budget 2010/14Budgetchange %R000's% Diocesan Assessment5.9%373.16.4% Clergy Cost6.6%213.59.4% Other clergy costs13.5%214.899.1% Administration8.4%305.97.4% Pastoral & Worship-7.5%138.225.6% Property12.6%247.510.7% Transport18.5%69.7-38.5% Total Expenses7.2%1,562.712.8%

11 AFS include “line by line” income & expense detail for 2015 Questions Adoption Budget 2015

12 Gresham Chartered Accountants Inc are Diocesan auditors familiar with accounting policies and annual return reconciliation Have done audit for 2013 and 2014, In both cases well within deadline Due largely to quality of input from office & treasurer Actual fee for 2013, R18 000 (ex VAT), less than quoted Fee for 2014 likely to be similar, given learning in 2013 Re-appointment of both auditor and treasurer for 2015, proposed Auditor Appointment

13 Community Engagement, Pastoral ministry, within parish including youth & young families “Fun raising” to engage wider community “Social Responsibility” to serve wider community Reflections on the Future

14 King’s Trust, Spirit led ministry to far & near Bonginkosi (ministry to Sweetwaters, centered on worship service) Masibumbane Mission (food parcels for AIDS/HIV families in Mpophomeni) HNO (Hlanganani Ngothando, Bulwer) Shoe Boxes (Sizanani Widows Support Group, Mpophomeni) Never Never Land Creche Sibongumbomvu School (Canadian Donation & Winter Warmth) Jika Joe outreach Africa Enterprise, a bond that we would like to nurture Social Responsibility Ministries supported by C of A

15 Acknowledgements and thanks We both gained far more than we contributed The Last Part

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