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Member Retreat Facilitated by: Al Sullivan, MSOD, SPHR Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

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1 Member Retreat Facilitated by: Al Sullivan, MSOD, SPHR Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

2 Agenda 2Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

3 About Inspirus Consulting, Inc. Background Approach Inspirus Consulting, Inc3 Twenty Two Yrs Experience MS Organization Development (American University / NTL Program) Certified Human Resources Professional (SPHR) Prior Army Officer Institute of Intercultural Communications (internship) Work at Multiple Levels of System (individual, team & organization) Collaborative Design Process Blend Diversity, Organization Development & Human Capital Management Process Consulting Action Research

4 Inspirus Industries & Clients Industries Clients / Experience Inspirus Consulting, Inc.4 Healthcare High Tech Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Academic / Education Military Durable Goods Manufacturing Non Profit / Community UNC (MAPH & ELPH) BCBSNC GlaxoSmithKline Eisai, Inc. Self-Help Credit Union Dell Computer NIKE Holy Family Church Rex Healthcare W.E.B. DuBois CDC

5 Objectives for Today Inspirus Consulting, Inc.5

6 Lets go Swimming Inspirus Consulting, Inc.6

7 Brief Check In Question (15 sec) Why did you position yourself in the place where you stood? What are your hopes for today? Inspirus Consulting, Inc.7

8 Group Norms for Today? Inspirus Consulting, Inc.8

9 Norm Recommendations Inspirus Consulting, Inc.9

10 Break Time Inspirus Consulting, Inc.10

11 Models / Best Practices Inspirus Consulting, Inc.11

12 Change 3 Things Inspirus Consulting, Inc.12

13 Sustaining Change Inspirus Consulting, Inc.13

14 Theory of Intervention / Change Inspirus Consulting, Inc.14 Chris Argyris

15 Change Model Inspirus Consulting, Inc.15 John P. Kotter

16 How do you define Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture? 16Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

17 Diversity / Inclusion / Culture Diversity: The unique characteristics or differences that we all possess (who we are). Inclusion: Welcoming and embracing our differences, encouraging involvement and providing equal access to opportunities and information (what we do). Culture: A collective programming of the mind which distinguishes members of one category of people from another (Geert Hofstede, 1997). (what we learn) 17Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

18 FOUR LAYERS OF DIVERSITY Functional Level/ Classification Management Status Union Affiliation PERSONALITY Work Location Division/Department Unit/Group Seniority Work Content/ Field Educational Background Work Experience Appearance Parental Status Marital Status Geographic Location Income Personal Habits Recreational Habits Religion Age Race Gender Ethnicity Sexual Orientation Physical Ability Internal Dimensions and External Dimensions are adapted from Marilyn Loden and Judy Rosener, Workforce America! (Business One Irwin, 1991) From Diverse Teams at Work, Gardenswartz & Rowe (2nd Edition, SHRM, 2003)

19 My House… Draw a “Top Down” diagram of the house where you grew up (take approx 3 min) Connect with a partner to discuss your drawing (3 min each) Discuss in the large group

20 The Automatic Mind (volunteer) I cdnuolt blveiee that I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd what I was rdgnieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid Aoccdrinig to a rscheearch stduy at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a word are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is that the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can still raed it wouthit a porbelm. This is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the word as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? Yaeh and I awlyas thought spleling was ipmorantt!

21 Climbing the Ladder of Inference Observati on Select Data Add Meaning Make Assumptions Draw Conclusions Adopt Beliefs Take Action

22 Journaling Opportunity Take time to reflect on the previous activity (ladder of inference and / or the automatic mind material) Think and write about how you plan to use these concepts in the future (5 min)

23 Lunch Break Inspirus Consulting, Inc.23

24 Data Feedback / Discussion Inspirus Consulting, Inc.24

25 Data Feedback Considerations Feedback Purpose Data Reactions Inspirus Consulting, Inc.25

26 Data Collection Methodology Inspirus Consulting, Inc.26 6 Individual Interviews

27 Interview Questions 1. Total years in the church? 2. What drew you to the church initially? 3. What keeps you in the church today? 4. Describe your feelings about the merger? 5. Describe your feelings about the current transition? 6. Are there primary concerns that keep the church from operating at its highest and best? Please explain. 7. What are potential solutions to the listed concerns? 8. What outcomes do you personally hope for at the upcoming retreat? Inspirus Consulting, Inc.27

28 Feedback Themes TopicTotal Comments / Topic % of Total Diversity / Inclusion / Unity 2925% Worship2017.2% Church Vision1815.5% Dialogue / Feedback1714.7% Deeper Relationships1311.2% Leadership97.8% Merger65.2% Member Engagement43.4% Total:116100% Inspirus Consulting, Inc.28

29 Diversity / Inclusion / Unity D/I is what attracted me to the church More African Americans are in leadership roles Asbury Temple members are more vocal 2 Churches worshiping in the same building Desire for a Spanish speaking worship Need to discuss differences without apology Differences getting in the way of progress Inspirus Consulting, Inc.29

30 Worship Need more flexibility in choir leadership Different worship styles (formal / informal) Lots of discontent with worship service Not comfortable in worship (internal vs. external worship) Hesitant to fully worship Gathering / Praise worship confusion Inspirus Consulting, Inc.30

31 Church Vision Incomplete Want to make a difference No discussion of what’s important to us What do we want the church to be Who are we in mission with Must set tangible goals for next year Inspirus Consulting, Inc.31

32 Personal Reflections for Data? 1. What was most encouraging about the data? 2. What was most concerning about the data? 3. If you had to select one area needing immediate attention, what would it be? 4. What specifically would you do to solve the issue? Document responses individually using the index cards or handouts. Inspirus Consulting, Inc.32

33 Cycle of Experience

34 Feedback Model Inspirus Consulting, Inc.34

35 Frame of Reference How do you classify a Platypus? A. Mammal B. Reptile C. Bird D. Platypus Inspirus Consulting, Inc.35

36 Group Dialogue Process A process of internal listening to oneself to explore the origins of assumptions and frames of reference Requires one to suspend judgment and emotions during disagreements Allows us to confront our own feelings Promotes collective thinking / feeling for the benefit of the group Inspirus Consulting, Inc.36

37 Group Dialogue Concepts Inspirus Consulting, Inc.37

38 Dialogue Activity Pair up with another person (you haven’t worked with before) Discuss a past meaningful / effective conversation you had with another person Analyze & discuss key characteristics of the discussion (setting, length, topic, etc) Discuss common characteristics of the 2 conversations (what made them effective) Inspirus Consulting, Inc.38

39 Dialogue Activity Move to circle of chairs Check in (free style) Allow brief silence period Conduct a new discussion (current needs of the church) Consider assumptions / frames of reference -No eye contact -No questions -Equal air time -Speak to the camp fire Check out Inspirus Consulting, Inc.39

40 Break Time Inspirus Consulting, Inc.40

41 Small Team Discussion Document Key Themes 41Inspirus Consulting, Inc. Process 1.Discuss index card ideas – 15 min 2.Document Best Ideas – 10 min 3.Present to large group

42 Priority Setting Inspirus Consulting, Inc.42

43 Small Teams on Big Themes Inspirus Consulting, Inc.43

44 Group Presentations 44Inspirus Consulting, Inc.

45 Check Out Inspirus Consulting, Inc.45

46 Complete Evaluation Handouts Inspirus Consulting, Inc.46

47 Worship / Communion Time Inspirus Consulting, Inc.47

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