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What Motivates Us to Collaborate and Innovate Together Stephen Clulow.

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1 What Motivates Us to Collaborate and Innovate Together Stephen Clulow

2 Life is Competitive

3 Growing Perception That Breakthroughs Will Only Happen By Collaboration

4 Group Collaboration Group: ‘Self Organising’ ‘Co-ordinated’ ‘Product focus’ Individuals: Collaborate Contribute Know aim ‘Buy in’ to goal

5 Peer to Peer At it’s Simplest

6 Peer to Peer It’s not: Organised Co-ordinated Product focus Contributions: Individual No known use Used, Unused Reused, Reworked

7 ‘Deep Forest’ by Telzey Origin: California USA Used: 54 Times 37 People 13 Countries Uses Per User In All Cases: Single Step Usage User © Their Derived Image No Further Sharing and Use

8 Monitoring and Analysing Remixing John Arroyo, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire Original Music: ‘Canons for Larry’ Origin: New York, USA Remixed: 16 Times 16 People ? Countries See Next Slide fro Details

9 Canons for Larry Canons 123*10 Temporal Remix Minor Melodrama mindthegap Electro Trash RemixMind the Dub Canons 123 Ruoho Ruotsi Reshape cogParsec Remix Chopper Remix Frame Rectification SensorTermination Shock Canons for Lisa (Shock and Awe) DodgeRuohoCaruso eQormxSalva Me Parma 0 1 2 3 4 5 Generation In This Case: Further Sharing and Use Original Idea and Subsequent Works Built On and Transformed

10 To Get an Idea of the Remixes Go to: Play 20 seconds of: Generation 0: Canons for Larry Generation 2: Parsec Remix Generation 5: Canons for Lisa (Shock and Awe)

11 Make Donate Wait Receive Recombine Redistribute Two Phases in Peer to Peer Sharing

12 Intrinsic Motivation and Happiness competence autonomy relatedness Source: Ryan, R.M and Deci, E.L. (2000), American Psychologist, 55(1), 68-78.

13 Group Collaborative Creativity pleasure (the sense of self as an active creative agent) to feel an active participant (in dialogues and communities) a wish to be recognised (in a community of interesting people) Source: ‘Making is Connecting’ by David Gauntlet

14 Pleasure: making it, giving it or seeing it used ? Autonomy: Giver has no control over use..? Competence, Recognition: a maker, a giver, or a user ? Participation, Relatedness: a shared interest, interest in sharing or anti © culture Motivation in Peer To Peer Creativity ? ?

15 Want to find people, groups, communities to: Talk with Interview Take questionnaires Contact us with suggestions or if you’d like to participate What motivates people to share their creative work for others to reuse ? City University, 6 month study for Masters Dissertation by Stephen Clulow, Supervised by Fiona Patterson (Psychology), Sara Jones (HCI) What motivates us to share when it’s unclear: if our work will be used how it will be used & there’s no tangible reward

16 @stephenclulow

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