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By: Sara Realini. * Title- Matched * Author- Allyson Braithwaite Condie * Call Number- F (Fiction)

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1 By: Sara Realini

2 * Title- Matched * Author- Allyson Braithwaite Condie * Call Number- F (Fiction)

3 Cassia always abides by the rules and plays it safe, but when a face other than her Match appears on the port screen, she begins to stray from her chosen path. This novel is set in a controlled society, much like that of The Giver. Aspects of the book remind me of The Hunger Games, especially regarding the rebellion part of the story. In my opinion, it is a must read that will keep you wanting more. As you near the end, don’t worry - there are two more books in the series.

4 Matched follows the life of seventeen year old Cassia Maria Reyes. On the day she turns sixteen she has her Match Banquet, where she finds out who she will be marrying and spending the rest of her life with. When the screen does not flash a face (as it had for every other girl at the banquet), she gets nervous. Cassia is quickly reassured when the moderator tells her that her match is there at the banquet. She is told that her match is Xander, her best friend, who lives in her Borough. When Cassia plugs in Xander’s microcard, his picture appears. The screen goes black quickly, and another face appears. It is Ky Markham, an abberation, who will never be matched because of his father’s wrongdoings. After her grandfather’s death, Cassia begins her summer leisure activity - hiking. On the first day, she sees that the only other person in her group to chose hiking is Ky. They always make it to the top of the hill first and, while they are alone, Ky teaches Cassia how to write. Ky also shares parts of his stories with her, a little at a time. Over time, Cassia and Ky develop feelings for each other. When Cassia is given a real life sort, that takes place in the facility where Ky works, she starts to worry if her feelings will get the best of her. When she is told about the life expectancy of the people who have been assigned his job, she knows she has to sort him into the higher level of productivity so that he will survive. What she didn’t know is that she sent him off to a war that would most likely kill him earlier than if he had stayed with his other job. When Cassia’s family is relocated, she hopes to find him, and potentially save his life.

5 My opinion on this book was that it was very well written and the author created a very realistic setting. Her writing brought the characters to life and made it easy to identify with their situations. In my opinion, the only downfall to the novel was that it was not longer and that there is not yet a movie of it.

6 * If you enjoyed Matched, you will most likely enjoy The Giver or The Hunger Games.

7 Dylan Thomas 1914-1953 Lord Alfred Tennyson 1809-1892


9 * trilogy-by-ally-condie-see-the-cover-and-title-for- the-third-and-final-book-plus-condie-answers- burning-questions-exclusive/ trilogy-by-ally-condie-see-the-cover-and-title-for- the-third-and-final-book-plus-condie-answers- burning-questions-exclusive/ * books-2/the-books/ books-2/the-books/ * * giver-by-lois-lowry/ giver-by-lois-lowry/ * have-you-read-more-than-once/ have-you-read-more-than-once/ * thomas thomas * everett-millais/portrait-of-lord-alfred-tennyson.jpg everett-millais/portrait-of-lord-alfred-tennyson.jpg

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