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The Giver Chapter 1 Recap & more. Agenda See whiteboard.

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1 The Giver Chapter 1 Recap & more

2 Agenda See whiteboard.

3 Standard and Objective Determine a theme or central idea of a text and analyze in detail its development over the course of the text, including how it emerges and is shaped and refined by specific details; provide an objective summary of the text. S.W.B.A.T. determine the theme including how it is expressed through details by creating a utopia using both graphic organizer and internet source.

4 Study Study will be given 15 minutes to review notes or text before taking Chapter one assessment.

5 The Giver Activity: 25 minutes Student will be able to complete “The Giver” activity.

6 Reading: 25 minutes Student will engage in class read aloud. Student will follow along using graphic organizer.

7 Narrative Writing Week Seven Three weeks to Benchmarks!

8 Agenda See whiteboard.

9 Do Now: five seven minutes Get your folders Turn to a blank page Date: top right corner Title (center): Personal Narrative: Introduction Paragraph

10 Standard & Objective Engage and orient the reader by setting out a problem, situation, or observation, establishing one or multiple point(s) of view, and introducing a narrator and/or characters; create a smooth progression of experiences or events. S.W.B.A.T engage reader by creating an introductory paragraph setting a problem, situation, narrator, character(s), and creating a specific event.

11 Notes We will take a close look at narrative essay writing. As always, please make sure to copy everything in red.

12 Engagement: Hook? Pose a question or statement/quote Just as I have mentioned, the first sentence must be engaging. Possible engaging techniques?

13 “I or someone else” The second sentence is a perfect time to introduce a character(s). You can introduce yourself or someone else. Example: When I was child, I…

14 The Reason Within the introduction, please include a problem, situation or observation. I knew I had a final the next day; however, I decided to play basketball.

15 Characters Also, please include other characters that are important to your personal narrative. Example: While I prepared to go play basketball, my father, Javier Flores Sr., kept telling me to study.

16 Recurring sentence The final sentence must be the overall reason why you are writing this personal narrative. Example: The situation proved to be better if I would have stayed home and listen to my dad; I broke my leg a few hours after I made my decision.

17 Independent work: 25 minutes Student will be given the opportunity to grade an introductory paragraph. Guidelines: – Receive both rubric and introductory paragraph – Use your notes and rubric to grade paragraph – Complete checklist and questions

18 Independent Work: 30 minutes Please follow URL: Please complete introductory paragraph and share with teacher.

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