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Monday/ Tuesday 1.Quick News 2.Do Now 3.Root Activity 4.Grade Quizzes 5.Reader’s Notebook practice.

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1 Monday/ Tuesday 1.Quick News 2.Do Now 3.Root Activity 4.Grade Quizzes 5.Reader’s Notebook practice

2 Quick News… 2 weeks to review for the CST!!! 39/38 days until the end of the school year 29/28 school days 18 more times that you have to go to each class We will continue with our Root Mondays/ Tuesdays next week with four roots. This will be the last of the roots. Mini-CST Quiz #3 next Thursday/Friday (last one) Vocab Quiz #8 next Thursday/Friday (last one) Notebook Check on Wednesday The Giver Project  Wednesday

3 Do Now (page 39L) Rewrite and revise the following sentences. Each sentence contains 4 errors. 1.Sally is not quiet as beatyfull, as their sister. 2.It be important to respect other peoples opinions even when you do not agree with thems. 3.When she broked her arm she has to get a cast on it. 4.Most peoples learn to tell time in 2 th grade but some people, never learn how to read a clock with arms. 5.Sarah is badder at math then me, but I’m gooder at english.

4 Corrected Sentences 1.Sally is not quite as beautiful as her sister. 2.It is important to respect other people’s opinions, even when you do not agree with them. 3.When she broke her arm, she had to get a caste on it. 4.Most people learn to tell time in 2 nd grade, but some people never learn how to read a clock with arms. 5.Sarah is worse at math than me, but I’m better at English.

5 Root Activity Look back to pages 24, 28, 32, and 37 where you have your root diagrams. So far, we have looked at 12 roots (3 per week). Working in groups of 3 or 4, you will create new words (they can be made up) by combining the roots that we have studied so far. You need to create 9 words and provide a definition and drawing for each. You will use the blank sheet of white paper for this activity.

6 Example… ANTIGEO Definition  a religion where people are against living on Earth and believe that people should live on Mars or anther planet. Drawing 

7 Mini- CST Quiz #2 Use your best judgment as we go over the quiz. If the person is close, give it to them. You will need to write a score for each section, so follow along and do so when the PowerPoint says to write a score. Put CB and your first and last name

8 Superlatives *Sentences must look EXACTLY the same as below… 1.She was the best swimmer at her school. 2.Mary thought she did worse than Sally on her test, but she got an A. 3.I think this table is more elegant than our table at home. 4.Jimmy is the fastest reader in our class. 5.Max thinks he is better than me at math, but he’s not. 6.Silvia is the most beautiful girl at our school. 7.Hanna is the prettiest girl at their school. 8.Today is hotter than it was yesterday.

9 Draw a line under # 8 and put their score. # correct / 8 = 8 = 4 7 = 3.5 5-6 = 3 4 = 2.5 3 = 2 2 = 1.5 0-1 = 1

10 Vocabulary 9. GEO means Earth 10. ANTI- means against or not 11. HYDR means water 12. RE- means again 13. ANTE- means before

11 Draw a line under # 13 and put their score. # correct / 5 = 5 = 4 4 = 3.5 3 = 3 2 = 2 0-1 = 1

12 Evidence and Bias & Stereotyping 14. They must have two of the following: quotes, opinions, facts, statistics, details, examples, testimonies, charts, data 15. It is important to include evidence in your writing to back up your claims, prove your point, or make your argument stronger. 16. Bias is allowing your likes and dislikes (opinions) get in the way of being fair. Bias is when you unfairly lean to one side because of your likes/dislikes or opinions. *If they are close, give it to them

13 Evidence and Bias & Stereotyping 17. Stereotyping is making a generalization about a group of people based on what is true about one or a few people in that group. *If they are close, give it to them 18. Stereotype 19. Stereotype 20. Bias 21. Stereotype

14 Draw a line under # 21 and put their score. # correct / 8 = 8 = 4 7 = 3.5 5-6 = 3 4 = 2.5 3 = 2 2 = 1.5 0-1 = 1

15 Fiction vs. Nonfiction 22. Nonfiction is writing that is based on true/real events. 23. Any 2 of the following (plus more)… not fake, real, info text, biography, newspapers, diaries, etc. 24. Fiction is writing that is made up or not based on real life events. 25. Any 2 of the following (plus more)… fake, not real, talking animals, myths, fables, stories, The Giver, cartoons, etc.

16 Draw a line under # 25 and put their score. # correct / 4 4 = 4 3 = 3 2 = 2 0-1 = 1

17 Features of Literature 26. Theme is the author’s message or what the author is trying to teach you (moral/ lesson). *It is not the main idea. 27. Conflict is the main problem in a story and the resolution is how that problem is solved. 28. Foreshadowing is when the author gives hints or clues that allow the reader to make a prediction about what will happen next. 29. Plot is the storyline or the sequence of events that take place during the story. 30. Setting is the time, place, and/or location that the story takes place in.

18 Draw a line under # 30 and put their score. # correct / 5 = 5 = 4 4 = 3.5 3 = 3 2 = 2 0-1 = 1

19 Point of View 31. 1 st Person POV is when the narrator is in the story as one of the characters. 32. 2 nd Person POV is when the author speaks directly to the reader. 2 nd Person POV gives instructions or directions. 33. 3 rd Person Objective POV is when the author does not know the thoughts or feelings of any of the characters. 34. 3 rd Person Limited POV is when the author knows/tells the thoughts and feelings of only one character.

20 Point of View 35. 3 rd Person Omniscient POV is when the author knows/tells the thoughts/feelings of 2 or more characters. In 3 rd Person Omniscient, the author is all-knowing. 36. 3 rd 37. 1 st 38. 2 nd

21 Draw a line under # 38 and put their score. # correct / 8 = 8 = 4 7 = 3.5 5-6 = 3 4 = 2.5 3 = 2 2 = 1.5 0-1 = 1

22 Reader’s Notebook Practice THIS WILL SERVE AS YOUR EXIT TICKET!!!! Open up your Reader’s Notebooks to page 137. Together, we will read “Zoo”. You will work in groups of 3-4 to complete pages 141-142. You will tear page 141-142 out and turn it in as your ticket out.

23 Wednesday 1.Notebook Check (40L)? 2.The Giver Extra Credit 3.The Giver Assignment (Tape to 40R) 4.Analogies Game

24 Notebook Check 1. Switch notebooks with someone at your table. 2. On page 40L copy down the following chart… ItemScore Table of Contents Page #s Dates Titles Glossary Page 25L Page 28L/R Page 35R Page 38L/R

25 Item1234Score T of C0-9 entries10-14 entries14-16 entries17 entries Page #sOnly on 0-9 pages Page #s on 10-14 pages Page #s on 14- 16 pages Page #s on all 17 pages Dates0-910-1414-16All 17 Titles0-910-1414-16All 17 Glossary0-3 wordsHas 4-5 wordsHas 6-7 wordsHas all 8 words 25LMissing notes Notes not in outline format Mostly complete notes Complete notes in outline format 28L/Rall diagrams are incomplete 2 incomplete root diagrams 2 complete root diagrams 3 complete root diagrams 35RNo notesPartial/little notes Almost complete Complete notes- evidence— stereotyping 38L/RMissing one or one not even started 2 incomplete1 complete, 1 partially complete Complete plot diagram + complete pg 132

26 Thursday/ Friday 1.Do Now 2.Vocabulary Practice 3.Poetry Terms -Define + examples -analyze poem 4.The Giver Project Time

27 Do Now (page 40R) 1.In 4-5 sentences, explain as much as you can about the setting of The Giver. 2.Write an analogy for the following words… (The first one is done for you to use as an example.) a.CupCup is to juice as bowl is to cereal. b.Birde. piano c.Walkf. leg d.Basketballg. apple

28 New Words (page 39R) WordPOSDefinition 1. ContentAdjectiveSatisfied with what one has and not wanting more or less 2. LicenseNounFormal permission to do something 3. CanalNounA long narrow waterway 4. PresumptuousAdjectiveOverconfident; arrogant 5. GriefNounA feeling of distress or sorrow 6. CommunalAdjectiveused or shared in common by everyone in a group 7. LuminousAdjectiveShining or reflecting light 8. HoardingVerbGathering something for future use 9. ElevateVerbto move or raise to a higher place or position; lift up 10. VoidNounAn empty space; emptiness

29 Vocabulary Practice (page 41L) Write a story on page 41L using all ten of your vocabulary words. You have 12 minutes to create your story

30 Poetry Terms (page 41R) Create a poem that contains at least 3 poetic devices. It can be about anything you want.

31 The Giver Project Work Time You have to rest of the period to work on The Giver group project. By the end of the period, you should have the following decided… – List of group members – Scene or trailer? – Video or live play? – Overview of the division of work load (Who’s doing what?) – List of 5 objects for the Memory Box – List of 10 events for the Plot Timeline

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