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Highlights from the Socratic Seminar

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1 Highlights from the Socratic Seminar
The Giver

2 The Giver and Rosemary Rosemary and the Giver had a special bond because they both were able to experience the feeling of love. This then intensified and strengthened their bond as father and daughter.

3 This allowed the Giver to smile whenever he talked about Rosemary feeling love and loss simultaneously.

4 The Loss of Music Q: If the Giver does not share the memory of music, does this mean that music will be erased from the memories of the future givers?

5 A: The Giver said he was being “selfish” because he did not want to transfer the experience of music because it was how he started “seeing beyond.”

6 Music would then die off and not be understood.
Although, Jonas heard music at the end of the novel contradicting this idea.

7 Rosemary vs. Jonas Q:What if Rosemary had not asked to be released. What would have happened to Jonas?

8 A: Jonas would not understand the concept of color and would live through life questioning the flickers of the color red. Would he still be in succession as receiver? ???

9 Themes and Ideas Discussed
Release Pain from memories Gabriel and Jonas Relationship The inconsistency of sameness Pale Eyes

10 Highlights from the Socratic Seminar Group II

11 Memories A: It would take away from sameness and create differences.
Q: If the community had access to memories in a book of records, would they have opinions or emotions? A: It would take away from sameness and create differences.

12 A: They would not feel emotion because they would not have a direct connection unless they experienced it themselves. Example: Jonas actually experienced the situations and was able to develop an emotional response.

13 Sameness & Communities
Q: Is all of the human race affected by sameness or are they different? A: They would all be the same…

14 A: People in other communities are different because Lily’s experience at daycare and her anger with the other children not following her communities rules. The Elders wanted to shoot down the plane. (Ms. Palas)

15 Themes and Ideas Discussed
Giver and Receiver Honor vs. Power Is it an honor or mainly power. Sameness Ability to Handle Loss Is it fair for Jonas to Judge others? Pain and Memories

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