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Group Project “Without the utopians of other times, men would still live in caves; utopia is the principle of all progress, and the ease into a better.

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1 Group Project “Without the utopians of other times, men would still live in caves; utopia is the principle of all progress, and the ease into a better world.” - Anatole France

2 When students read The Giver, they are often amazed and frustrated by the lack of choices the members of the community have. Just as startling is the state of ignorance in which Jonas and the other community members live. The community in The Giver was created as a Utopian society; however, at what price do they have the benefits of peace and provision? The Giver shows a society that is very different from ours. Jonas’s world seems perfect on the surface. There is no war, hunger, fear, or pain. Everything is orderly and controlled. The everyday decisions that we take for granted are not available. Residents do not get to decide what they wear, eat, or even their own career. What aspects of the community are Utopian? Would living in such a society make life better, more equal, or easier? We wouldn’t have crime or poverty. Is it worth giving up our choices for a perfect world? Now it is your turn to learn about Utopias and create your own!

3 The year is 3012. You and your team members have been given the opportunity to start a new society on a deserted island that is fully equipped with all needed amenities and modern technology. The island is not owned or under the influence of the nation. It is the responsibility of your group to inhabit the island in any manner that you choose. By completing the following assignments and working cooperatively, your group will build the “Perfect Society” and will sell your society to the class by means of a product and presentation.

4 TEAMWORK! The entire team should work on completing this project together! A Utopia is defined as an ideally perfect place. In the novel The Giver, Jonas lives in a utopian word designed to provide food, shelter, and safety to the people of the community. If you had to design your perfect world, what would it look like? You are going to be designing your own utopian world. Your project will include information about the following areas.

5 Every community needs laws otherwise there would be chaos. 1) Name 10 rules in your community. 2) Who makes the rules? 3) How are the laws enforced? 4) What happens when a person in the community breaks a law? 5) Is your community a democracy? A Dictatorship? A Monarchy?

6 School is a way of preparing children to be successful members in the community. 1) What will be taught and what subjects will be required? 2) How will education serve the community? 3) How will schools be different in your community compared to Grant Park schools?

7 Think about the families in your utopian community. 1) Are the families going to be matriarchal (controlled by mother), patriarchal (controlled by father), or neither? 2) How many kids should each family have? Is it regulated? Why or Why not? 3) Does everyone in each family live in the same dwelling? Why or Why not?

8 Neighborhoods/Individual family dwellings 1) Do people live in separate houses? Townhouses? Apartments? Tents? 2) Describe the dwellings in your community. Are all of the houses the same or different? Explain why you chose to design the houses and communities that way.

9 Think about the jobs people must have to help your community function. 1)What kind of jobs/ businesses will you have in your society? 2)How will students be trained for their employment? 3)Think about the society in The Giver and how they train for and assign jobs. Will your society be similar or different? 4)How will you provide for those who are unemployed or will you not provide for them?

10 Is there a system of money in your community? If yes: Draw a picture of your money. What is your money called? If no: Why don’t you have money? How do you pay people for their jobs? How do people get what they need to survive?

11 Think about where you would have your community built. 1) What is the climate like in your community? Tropical? Arctic? Do the seasons change? 2) Are there animals in your community? What kinds? Are they pets or wild? Why?

12 What is recreation like in your community? 1) How much time do people spend on recreation each week? 2) What do people do for fun? 3) Does the government control how people spend their free time? 4) How is this different from the way people spend their free time in your community now?

13 How does your community view technology? 1) Are they technologically advanced? Do people live in a more simple life?

14 1) Name your community! 2) Design a flag for your community- Remember color symbolism! 3) Draw a map of your community: Make sure to label houses, schools, businesses, government buildings, recreational areas, and any other additional area you think is important.

15 Your group must turn in one sheet that answers and addresses all questions (one person- with nice writing please- should be in charge of writing). You must turn in a colored map and a flag. You must present your community to the rest of the class. Due dates will be determined as we progress through this project.

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