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7 th Grade English Curriculum Night Welcome Parents and Guardians! Charlie Erwin.

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1 7 th Grade English Curriculum Night Welcome Parents and Guardians! Charlie Erwin

2 Summer Reading Students wrote a five-paragraph essay in response to their summer reading novels. They also listened, during an assembly, to Cynthia Lord speak about her life as an author and had an opportunity to meet her.

3 Memoir – September Gary Paulsen Ralph Fletcher Gary Soto Mawi Asgedom Students have read several memoirs including Of Beetles and Angles. Soon they will be writing a memoir of their own.

4 Short Stories – September-October Edgar Allan Poe Gary Soto Ray Bradbury Rudyard Kipling… During this unit, students will hold a mock trial to assess the guilt or innocence of the narrator in Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart. They will also write their own short stories.

5 The Red Umbrella / Empathy – November-December Students will read, discuss, and write about The Red Umbrella, which is a work of historical fiction. The theme of understanding differences will be a focus during this unit. Students will also complete a creative project.

6 Poetry – December-January Lewis Carroll Pablo Neruda William Shakespeare Robert Frost Maya Angelou… Throughout this unit, students will explore different styles of and themes in poetry and then present poems of their own.

7 Nonfiction Editorials – or “I opine” January-February Students will read editorials on various topics and then try their hands at editorial writing.

8 The Giver – March At the conclusion to this unit, students will write a persuasive essay based on The Giver.

9 A Midsummer Night’s Dream – March-April This unit will continue our exposure to Shakespeare that began during the poetry unit. In 8 th grade, students will read Romeo and Juliet.

10 Classic Novel – April-May Students will and write about John Steinbeck’s The Pearl and, depending on time, another novella as well.

11 This I Believe – May-June This is a unit for personal reflection modeled on the NPR series.

12 Graphic Novels – June At the conclusion of the year, students will have an opportunity to explore and reflect on several graphic novels choices.

13 Hmmm… let’s see what else we might find in the curriculum…

14 Spelling Bee – Date TBA

15 Independent Reading – Throughout the year Students are required to read and reflect on at least one book each marking period. These should be books that are both appropriately challenging and enjoyable. No graphic novels, please.

16 ADULT ASSISTANCE ON WRITING ASSIGNMENTS DIRECTIONS FOR STUDENTS: Please ask an adult to spend 10- 15 minutes with you to listen to your paper and to provide feedback. Please read your independent reading project out loud to an adult. Reading out loud is a great way to proof your writing. As you are reading, often you will hear things that need changing that you did not see when you read your story silently to yourself. Referring to the included check list, ask the adult for feedback and then make needed revisions. The most important thing for the adult to consider is clarity. Is the writing clear? Is it well organized and does it make sense? You, the student, should make all revisions and changes. If the adult does this work, then she or he is becoming a better writer and you are not. Please thank the adult for her or his time. Adult signature ________________________________

17 Grammar, Style, and Vocabulary – Throughout the year

18 In-class Writing – Throughout the year

19 Debates, Discussions, Creative Projects – Throughout the year

20 Homework: Presented visually, orally, and linked to my teacher website. “Mr. Erwin, may I still turn in my missing assignment?” “Yes, please do so! Lateness will lose you some points, though. Remember, however, a 7/10 or a 5/10 is better than 0/10. Right? Right!” Website: Class assignments & related materials

21 Assessments Grades are calculated based on a total point system and are comprised of the following assessments: Homework; Classwork and activities, including presentations; Creative projects; Writing; Quizzes.

22 Extra help: Activity period Advisory Support Appointment

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