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3 OVERVIEW What is Ramcharitmanas? Greatness of Ramcharitmanas
Cultural Aspect of Ramcharitmanas Purpose of Ethical Values in this contemporary age Its Role in eradicating evils Relevance of Ramcharitmanas to the Mauritian Society Symbolism of Characters in Ramcharitmanas Contemporary Relevance of Ramcharitmanas and its Values Impact of Values Results of Survey Main Teachings of Ramcharitmanas Conclusion

4 What is Ramcharitmanas?
Most popular and timeless epic poem Sacred scripture: Depicts the Art of living Written by the Medieval Indian Saint poet of 16th Century, GOSWAMI TULSIDAS In Mauritius, commonly known as ‘Ramayan’ Classical Masterpiece of world literature. A treasure of knowledge which has the power to educate people

5 Greatness of Ramcharitmanas
A lamp of divine guidance for scholars and common people. Aims at empowering the human dignity Lays great emphasis on Dharma (Righteousness) and moral conduct. Spreads ethical values and combats social evils Depicts the essence of human life

6 Cultural Aspect of Ramcharitmanas
Basis of culture: Morality, Spirituality and Ethics Blend of cultures – human, demon, animals and Demigods Stresses on ‘Unity in Diversity’ Vasudhaiva kutumbakam : the whole world is one family Salient features of Indian Culture Sixteen ‘Sanskaras’ in the life of an individual – from womb till tomb

7 Purpose of Ethical Values in this Contemporary Age
Morality : Foundation of our Existence Heading towards Moral Bankruptcy Downfall of mankind Human mind, language, behaviour, actions are corrupt1. ‘Kalyug’ age : Evil dominates and righteousness has to suffer2. More materialistic and individualistic approach towards life : Decline in humanity and morality Communal riots, Violence, Terrorism Ref: 1: Gandhi 2: Bhagvad Gita

8 Its Role in Eradicating Evils
The Concept of Idealism Ram is portrayed as an ideal person who does his duties irrespective of circumstances. Follow the Path of Righteousness No violation of moral conduct The Law of Karma (Action) : Universal Law of Action As you sow, so, you will reap. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Power of Humility Ravan was very powerful but arrogance and unethical means became the cause of his death.

9 Relevance of Ramcharitmanas to the Mauritian Society
Mauritius is a multi-religious, multi-cultural, multi- lingual and multi-ethnic society. The Epic depicts the ideal life of a multicultural society. Provides solutions/remedies to societal problems. Lays emphasis on social unity and universal progress

10 Symbolism of Characters in Ramcharitmanas
RAM: Ideal man, the giver of bliss, the epitome of righteousness. SITA : Woman who gets carried away by worldly attraction (golden deer) and goes beyond the code of conduct (Lakshman Rekha). VIBHISHAN: A demon which does ethical actions. Action makes a man. Action must go beyond caste, creed and religion. HANUMAN: Portrayed in the form of a Monkey Monkeys are restless by nature but if they have a target in life then they can equally make wonders as Hanuman did. He depicts the Human mind Hanuman stands for absolute renunciation.

11 Symbolism of Characters in Ramcharitmanas (cont’d)
DASHRUTH: A man of word. Lost his life to keep his promise BHARAT and LAKSHMAN: Symbolises universal brotherhood, devotion and sacrifice. RAVAN: Symbolises arrogance and pride. Giver of pain SURPANAKHA: Sister of Ravan Embodiment of desire and lust MARICHA: Symbolises the worldly attraction. The characters of Ramacharitmanas are symbolic and they have many implications.

12 Contemporary Relevance of Ramcharitmanas
‘Universal’ Appeal of Ramcharitmanas and its values Synthesis of different cultures Emphasis on respect, love, tolerance for all communities Emphasis on globalisation and unity Life of Rama revolves around elevating the human mind and promoting righteousness.

13 Contemporary Relevance of Ramcharitmanas (cont’d)
The solution to problems of modern time: Family problems Socio-cultural problems Political front – the concept of Ram Rajya Economic Problems Environmental Problems Destroys the myth that Ramcharitmanas is the treasure of the Hindu Society only. Its contribution to the evolution of a peaceful society. Depicts the journey from ‘Nar’ ( human) to ‘Narayan’ (embodiment of divine qualities)

14 Impact of Values Purify the mind and remove all impurities
Make the society a better place to live Enable a person to achieve his real goal in life Cut across all cultures and help in establishing one culture: Humanity Shapes the personality of human being

15 Results of Survey Objectives of survey:
Popularity and Universal appeal of the epic Impact on : (1) Individual (2) Family (3) Society (4) Politics Its contribution in spreading moral and ethical values Its contribution in bringing unity in Mauritian Society

16 Results of survey (cont’d)
Popularity of Ramcharitmanas

17 Results of survey (cont’d)
Universal Appeal of Ramcharitmanas

18 Results of survey (cont’d)
Its contribution in bringing unity in Mauritian Society

19 Results of survey (cont’d)
Its contribution in spreading moral and ethical values

20 Main Teachings of Ramcharitmanas
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – Globalisation Concept of Ram Rajya – the reign of righteousness Morality: Essence of Human life Character is man made which can be improved Unity in Diversity Universal Brotherhood and peace Tolerance Righteous Behaviour Strict adherence towards duty Control of senses leads to a balanced state of mind

21 CONCLUSION “ In fact, the Ramayan and the Mahabharata are the two encyclopedias of Ancient Aryan life and wisdom, portraying the ideal civilisation, which humanity has yet to aspire after.” - Swami Vivekananda



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