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Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones but Names Will Never Hurt Me.

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1 Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones but Names Will Never Hurt Me.

2 Do any of your words hurt others?

3 Indian Giver “To the Native Americans, who had no concept of money or currency, gifts were a form of trade goods, of exchange. One didn't give a gift without expecting one of equivalent value in return. If one could not offer an equivalent return gift, the original gift would be refused or returned. To the Europeans, who with their monetary- based trade practices, this seemed low and insulting, gifts were not for trade but were to be freely given. The noun Indian gift dates to 1765. Indian giver follows about a century later in 1865. Originally, these reflected simply the expectation of a return gift. By the 1890s, the sense had shifted to mean one who demands a gift back.” What's in a word?

4 Redneck “The significance of redneck is somewhat obscure. Three explanations are commonly offered. First, it could be a reference to a ruddy neck caused by anger. Second, it could be a reference to sunburned necks caused by working in the fields all day. Finally, it could be a reference to pellagra which turns the neck red. There is also a tale in which it referred to striking coal miners who wore red bandannas as a means of group identification. This is unlikely due to what we know of its origin. The sunburn or pellagra explanation seems more likely than the anger one. Interestingly, the Afrikaans Rooinek, which literally means redneck, is a disparaging term the Boers used to apply to the British and later became associated with any European immigrant to South Africa.”

5 What's in a word? Skid Row “This term for a run-down area of a town where the unemployed, vagrants, alcoholics, tend to congregate is American in origin, dating to about 1931. It comes from an older term, skid road, referring to a logging road paved with tree trunks, or skids. This usage dates to around 1880. An area of a town where loggers hung out was usually a rough neighborhood and/or the red-light district, a place where vagrants and bums could also be found in numbers.”

6 “You are so stupid, can’t you do anything right?” “This is America, everyone can achieve if they really wanted to, and people on welfare are just lazy and out for a free ride.” “You are so retarded.” “I don’t see color, we are all the same.” “I am not prejudiced; some of my best friends are _________.” “Fat people are lazy and lack discipline.” Have you ever heard…

7 “Old people should have their driver’s licenses taken away because they cannot drive.” “You people are nothing but trouble.” “Why do those people keep causing problems and asking for special treatment?” “I do not have a problem with gay or lesbian people, as long as they don’t try to convert me.” Have you ever said… ~We should all think before we speak.~

8 Trailer Trash Indian Giver “You people…” Are these phrases offensive?

9 “That’s just like a…” Cotton pickin’ hands “Those people…” Jew’em Down

10 The Power of Words " In the beginning was the word...." Words are power, words are thoughts given form, words, words, words, be they positive or negative effect this world. Words shape our personal power, as the words we use are part of us. So, let's choose our words carefully, as they have the power for creation or destruction. If we use words like swords, to harm ourselves or others, we will become victims of adverse situations. If we use words to focus on the good in ourselves and others, then words can create a prosperous and happy life. Remember... what goes around, comes around, what we say, comes right back, so let's take responsibility for what we say, O.K.! (C) 1995 Bridget Cameron

11 Look at that poor crippled cow. Huh? That was mean!

12 Ain’t that the truth. Pigs with money, all they care about are themselves, not others. They are such snobs.

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