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Saratoga Country Club BNI Presentation Top 6 Ways to UpLevel Your BNI Experience.

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1 Saratoga Country Club BNI Presentation Top 6 Ways to UpLevel Your BNI Experience

2 Why are Referrals Important “Two-Thirds of all economic activity in the US is influenced by personal recommendations… yet only 18% of businesses have a referral program in place.” Source: eMarketer “There is a strong correlation between a company growth rate and the percentage of its customers who recommend it.” Source: Harvard Business Review

3 Top 6 Ways to UpLevel Your BNI Experience 1. Use the Givers Gain Philosophy 2. Consistently Do Effective 1:1s 3. Train your Sales Force Properly 4. Fill the Chapter with your Power Partners 5. Create Co-Marketing Opportunities with Your Power Partners 6. Be a Good BNI Citizen

4 Use the Giver’s Gain Philosophy Givers' Gain is the belief that when (business) people set goals to help others and honestly work to achieve these goals, they usually gained the most out of the experience - through a reciprocal benefit.beliefgoals The More Marketing You Do, The More Business You Get The More Referrals You Give, The More Referrals You Get The More You Help Others, The More They Help You TIP: What are three ways you can help the members of your BNI chapter today?

5 Consistently Do Effective 1:1s Effective 1:1s:  Begin with the End in Mind  Educate Each Other on Your Business – Go Deep  Brainstorm Good Referrals and Power Partners  Ask for Specific Introductions Non Effective 1:1s  Are One Sided  Don’t Cover Essential Business  Don’t Leave with Action Items What Consistency Buys You  Builds Your Relationship (Know, Like, Trust)  Check in For New Opportunities  Opportunity to Give Back  Brainstorm New Ideas

6 Train Your Sales Force Properly Objective of your presentation: Train Your Sales Force To Be Able to Identify a Potential Prospect or Power Partner and Create a Connection Presentation DO’s  Keep your presentation engaging  Spend approximately 1 minute per slide and DO NOT exceed 10 Minutes  Use the KISS Method  Use examples or customer testimonials  Use Strong Graphics or Props  Educate the audience on how to identify a referral partner or power partner  Leave time for questions and testimonials  Schedule 1:1s after your presentation  Ask for Referrals!

7 Train Your Sales Force (Cont.) Presentation Don’ts  Do not tell them HOW you do something or the intricacies of your work  Do not use more than 10 slides  Do not go over your 10 minutes The “Sales Force’s” Job  Pay Attention and Think “How Can I be A Good Sales Person for Bob?”  Immediately fill out the handouts  Think of every potential power partner or referral that could fit the presenters description and facilitate an introduction

8 Fill the Chapter with Power Partners Who is Your Target Buyer? Who are Potential Power Partners with The Same Target Buyer? List 3 Potential That Would Be Great Go Find Them and Bring Them to BNI  Other Networking Events  Advertisements

9 Co-Marketing With Power Partners The Money is In The List Pull Together Your Lists Create Co-Marketing Opportunities  Direct Mail  Internet Marketing – Email Blasts etc.  Joint Events

10 Be a Good BNI Citizen Know, Like and Trust…. Follow Up on All Referrals Send a Substitute if You Are Absent Keep People’s Marketing Materials on Hand – electronically or print Bring Guests Take a Leadership Role Most of All…Be An Active Participant

11 Conclusion Write down the top 3 ways you will take your BNI Role to the Next Level Use specific numbers and deadlines What are three things you can do TODAY before you leave this meeting. Questions?

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