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The Giver Vocabulary Chapters 1-5.

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1 The Giver Vocabulary Chapters 1-5

2 euphemism A nice way of saying something difficult.
She passed away= she died; put to sleep Short-vertically challenged Prison- correctional facility

3 Rasping- harsh, grating
The smoker’s voice became raspy after years of smoking

4 Apprehensive- fearful, anxious
The child felt apprehensive when she went to her first day of school

5 Eager-impatiently waiting
I was eager to graduate 8th grade

6 Distraught-upset, very agitated I became distraught when I lost my kid at Disneyland.

7 palpable- obvious, easily perceived It was palpable to the fans that the boy was terrible at baseball.

8 Disposition- personality This lady had a happy, almost weird, disposition.

9 Nurturing- helping to grow or develop
The mother nurtured her child and the child grew to be a healthy adult. Elementary teachers are nurturing but middle school teachers are just plain mean.

10 Enhance- improve I lifted weights hoping to enhance my muscle tone.

11 Aptitude-talent Einstein had an aptitude for science.
Beethoven had an aptitude for music.

12 Chastisement-punishment
The teacher chastised me for not doing my homework. Chastisement happened to the boy who stole the teacher’s medicine.

13 Petulantly- in an ill tempered way, moody
I petulantly cleaned my room after a fight with my mom.

14 Remorse- regret He felt remorse after he killed the dog.

15 Tabulated- recorded and filed
I tabulated the scores and found that the average was a C+.

16 Primly-proper When I met the Queen of England, I primly sipped my tea., but my rude husband guzzled his beer.

17 Murky-unclear, dark The murky, smelly pond did not seem inviting.

18 Vague- unclear The setting of The Giver is vague; we’re not sure the time nor the place. The directions were vague, so I didn’t understand what to do.

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