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Budget Finance Director Appointment Sam Smiley.

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2 Budget Finance Director Appointment Sam Smiley


4 1. Sheriff’s Department$16,408,992 2. Fire Department$8,789,125 3. Finance Department$5,753,060 4. Public Works$3,276,649 5. Public Service & Eng.$2,922,777

5 1. State Courts 47.26% $137,937 2. BOC 42.03% $154,493 3. Recycling Center 32.76% $81,839 4. Sheriff’s Dept. 18.92% $2,610,329 5. MIS 11.86% $83,722

6 Applications were received from January 5 th till May 22 nd for the Director of Finance position. 41 applications total were received. County makes an offer to Bobby Young in mid May, Mr. Young takes another job offer. Mid July, County announces final two candidates, Ms. Roselyn Miller & Ms. Linda Nabers. Week of July 20 th County announces the appointment of Ms. Miller.

7 During BOC voting session commissioners break into an unprecedented Executive Session to discuss Director of Finance position. Upon return County Clerk Jennifer Rutledge announced an addition to the agenda. Modification to the Finance Director job classification, changing the educational requirement impact for the position. Change of Job Classification approved 2 – 1, Commissioner Van Ness was the sole opposition. Vote to appoint Ms. Miller as Finance Director quickly followed, again with a 2 – 1 vote.



10 Ms. Roselyn Miller County employee since Dec. 2000. Associate’s Degree 9 ½ years county employment, previous experience not provided in open records. Ms. Linda Nabers County employee since March 2005. BBA, Major in Accounting 24 years of documented accounting experience.

11 Surrounding Counties have qualified Financial Administrators.

12 Contact your Commissioners Chairman Richard Oden, 770-278-7001, Commissioner JaNice Van Ness, 770-278-7008, Commissioner Oz Nesbitt, Sr., 770-278-7011, Get involved in community meetings. Join my mailing list: Send a message with “subscribe” in the subject line to:

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