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James Watson, Ph.D. Unlocking the DNA Structure Presented by David A. Miller.

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2 James Watson, Ph.D. Unlocking the DNA Structure Presented by David A. Miller


4 Biography zBorn in Chicago, Ill., on April 6th, 1928. zParents - James Watson & Jean Mitchell. zAttended the University of Chicago and in 1943 entered the university ‘s experimental four year college. zReceived his B.Sc. degree in Zoology. zChildhood interest was bird watching. zIn 1950 he received his Ph.D. in Zoology from Indiana University.

5 Biography continued. zHe spent his first postdoctoral year with the National Research Council. zHis work was in the field of bacterial viruses attempting to study the fate of DNA of infecting virus particles. zHe met Maurice Wilkins at a symposium where he saw for the first time the X- ray diffraction pattern of crystalline DNA. zThis change stimulated his interest in the structural chemistry of nucleic acid proteins. zIn 1952 he started to work at the Cavendish Laboratory, soon after he met Francis Crick and discovered that they had a common interest: solving the DNA structure.

6 Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid

7 James Dewey Watson

8 Accomplishment to science zJames Dewey Watson in 1953 proposed the double-helical configuration. zHe discovered the structure of DNA for which he shared with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins the 1962 Noble Prize in Physiology. zThey proposed that the DNA molecule takes the shape of a double helix, and elegantly simple structure that resembles a gently twisted ladder. zHis research emphasized a concept central to the field of molecular biology. zThe discovery effected not only biology but also the drugs we take, the machines we build, the food we eat, and choices we face when we decide to have a baby.

9 Continued. Dr. Watson steered the laboratory in the direction of tumor virology research, the study of cancer genes. Taught at Harvard from 1955 to 1976 In 1968 Dr. Watson became the director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and in 1994 became president of the lab.

10 The Past z1953 - George Gamow suggests that DNA holds the code for making proteins z1959 - The first human chromosome abnormality, Down Syndrome, is identified. z1960 - Messenger RNA, the link between DNA and the protein -making factories of cells is discovered. z1961 - Marshall Nirenberg identifies the first of 64 three-letter genetic codes for proteins. z1962 - Crick,Watson, and Wilkins win the Noble Prize.

11 The Future z1990 - The Human Genome Project, an effort to map and sequence human DNA, is launched. z1993 - Researchers at GWU clone the first human embryos, and nuture them in vitro for several days. z1994 - The FDA allows the first genetically modified food product, Tomato. z1995 - DNA fingerprinting was brought to public attention with the trail of OJ Simpson. z1997 - Dolly, the sheep was cloned. z1998 - Embryonic stem cells grown in a petri dish. z1999 - First American death caused by gene therapy. z2000 - Venter and Francis Collins announce that they have sequenced the human genome z2002 - Scientist clone a house cat.

12 2003, Dolly Dies. “ With great power comes great responsibility ”

13 Cite page zTime magazine February 17, 2003 zA Structure for Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid zJames Watson Biography zCold Spring Harbor Laboratory http://www.csh;.org/public/SCIENCE/WATSON.html

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