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You found us… Special Education Services Of Ganado Unified School District #20.

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1 You found us… Special Education Services Of Ganado Unified School District #20

2 The mission of the Ganado Special Education Services in partnership with the community and schools, is to provide services to students with disabilities, to prepare them to be functional and productive citizens through direct and indirect services, social-interpersonal opportunities, and by providing academic, communication, physical, occupational, vision, and hearing therapies. We work with the regular education teachers and support the students in the regular education classroom as much as possible. Some of the Itinerate therapists (Speech/Language, Physical therapist, Occupational therapist, Vision and Audiologist) take the students out of their classes to provide direct services. These therapists also work with the general education as well as the special education teachers in providing activities to carry over the therapists program during the week. They also work with the teachers to modify and adapt various activities. The general education curriculum is used as much as possible to develop programs to enhance the student’s strengths and work on their weaknesses. Our goal is to help the students to become as functional as possible and prepare them to productive citizens. We are working to increase our transition program and assist the parents with the next step after graduation. We have implemented several new processes to support the Re- Authorization of IDEA ’97 (Special Education Law). Our forms and processes are consistent within the schools per state guidelines. Our Mission Statement Mission Statement

3 What is Special Education? Special Education is the provision of resource services in math, spelling, reading, as well as providing related services such as psychology, physical, speech & language, occupational services to students depending on their individual needs. When is Special Education appropriate for my child? When he/she has a diagnosis that impacts his/her ability to learn or function in one or more areas such as; academic, physical, mental, speech, or emotional. How do I find out if Special Education services is right for my child? When a student is not progressing academically, the teacher will begin the Teachers Helping Other Teachers (THOT) process. Once teacher interventions have been exhausted, the THOT/MET team will meet to discuss possible testing for your child. What’s New? What’s New

4 Student Centered Approach Student w/ special needs Parents, Family & Community Team Members Teaching staff Ancillary Services (District & Contracted) Admin. ADOE Fed Gov. Other services StudentCentered

5 Special Education Coordinator Special Education Secretary Certified School Psychologists within each school site. Early Childhood Specialist Transition Specialist Special Education Teachers Clarina J. Arviso-Boyd Louise Gilmore Primary School: Terrell Piechowski Intermediate School: Alphonso Guy Middle School: Teresa Gonzalez Candice Yazzie Vacant Primary School: Ladonna Badonie & Richard White Intermediate School: Lucy Brown, Rachel Brutz & Sharon LaBelle Middle School: Anna Healing, Monika Kos & Marie Saltwater High School: Nancy Carre’ & William Dick Team Members

6 Ancillary Services Types of Services We currently employ the following professionals to service our students: Speech/Language Pathologist/Therapist: Valerie Roanhorse, Mary Laws & Stella Yazzie 1 -Preschool (Head Start) (2 days/wk) contracted by District -Ganado 1- Primary School(5 days/wk) contracted by District -Ganado 1- Intermediate(5 days/wk) contracted by Navajo County Consortium 1- Middle School (5 days/wk) contracted by Navajo County Consortium 1- High School (3 days/wk) contracted by District -Ganado Physical Therapist: Kara Charnholm 1 - District Wide Presch to 12 (2 days/wk) contracted by Navajo County Consortium Occupational Therapist: Ben Miller 1- District Wide Presch -12 (5 days/wk) Navajo County Consortium Teacher of Vision Impaired: Raejean Veenendahl 1- District Wide Presch -12 33 days a yr contracted by Arizona School Deaf & Blind Teacher of Hearing Impaired: Alice Tracey 1- District Wide Presch -12 33 days a yr contracted by Arizona School Deaf & Blind

7 Specialized Transportation Counseling groups Parent Participation in Site Council Meetings Trainings Mentorship Program Curb to curb services for students, CDL certified bus driver & monitor, safety first concept to ensure the well being of students. Active group participation with students in Art Therapy, Positive Self-Esteem skill building sessions, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Student-Parent group sessions. Pilot program for positive parent support group meetings to discuss school related issues, participation in school planning and training options. Monthly training topics for parents & staff toward professional development. Mentorship to new teachers on process, etc. Other services Other Services

8 Internal Links External Links Who are the staff? GUSD Special Education forms Head Start Participation Early Intervention THOT (Teachers Helping Other Teachers) process > Regional Resource Center saying "It appears to be an excellent > resource for parents of children with learning disabilities." The > guide is offered in both browsable and downloadable versions at the > following Web site: Useful Links to browse Useful Links

9 Thank You! …..for visiting our site. This was only a sneak preview of all the wonderful people, beautiful students and caring families in our Special Education Services under the Ganado Unified School District #20 in greater Ganado community. “Hornet Country”

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