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H OMOSEXUALITY And how it pertains to the 21 st century.

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1 H OMOSEXUALITY And how it pertains to the 21 st century

2 W HAT IS H OMOSEXUALITY ? A man or woman whose feelings of sexual attraction are for those of someone of the same sex Gay_flag.svg.png

3 G ENETIC S TUDIES Brain Structure Measured particular region of the brain (Interstitial Nuclei of Anterior Hypothalamus- INAH) The clusters of the neurons of INAH in heterosexual males were twice the size of the females The homosexual men were the same size as the females Twin Study Examined 56 pairs of identical twins, 54 fraternal twins, 142 non-twin brothers of twins and 57 pairs of adoptive brothers In conclusion: 52% of identical twins whose fathers were homosexual were gay 22% of fraternal twins were homosexual 11% of adoptive brothers of homosexual men were homosexual 9.2% of non twin biological siblings had gay encounters 48% of identical twins whose mothers were homosexual were homosexual 16% of fraternal twins were homosexual 6% of adoptive sisters whose mothers were homosexual were also homosexual

4 G ENETIC S TUDIES C ONTINUED X Chromosome Investigated 114 families In many families gay men had gay relatives through the mother’s side of family 40 pairs of homosexual brothers had a matching DNA region called q28

5 E NVIRONMENTAL Parenting Father who neglects his son-son will search for love from men in order to fill the emptiness Overbearing mothers o Traumas o Person’s choice

6 H OW IT P ERTAINS TO THE 21 ST C ENTURY More accepted in today's society Gay marriage accepted in Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Alaska and California Removal of gene Religion (Christian, Jehovah Witness) Parental Views gay parents not wanting their children to be gay and live with discrimination olrb/christianity/images/cross2.g if

7 REFERENCES Cothran,Helen.(2003). Homosexuality. Flamington Hills,MI:Greenhaven Press. Griffiths,Paul J. (2003). Commonweal. Legalize Same-Sex marriage. Retrieved 12/10/07 form Canadian Reference Centre. Harrup, Brad, Thompson, Bret and Miller, Dave.(2003). This is the Way God Made Me. Retrieved 12/15/07 from Marcus, Eric. (1993). Is it a Choice? New York: HarperCollins Publisher Michaels, Ralf. (june 2003). Same Sex Marriage: Canada, Europe and The United States. Retrieved at 12/10/07 from Safro,Sonya. (05/19/05). Homosexuality’s Link to Biology and Society. Retrieved on 12/12/07 from Watso, Traci, Shapiro, Joseph P. (11/13/95). Us News and World Report. Retreieved on 12/12/07 from Canadian Reference Centre.

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