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INWEM Gender and Diversity Survey Prepared for IAEM 2010.

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1 INWEM Gender and Diversity Survey Prepared for IAEM 2010

2 Notes This is not a scientific survey and there are some design flaws. Known flaws:  USA centric questions  A couple of confusing questions  Diversity questions were added late Participants were limited to those people who had access to the Internet. No paper surveys were used. Hopefully this will become an annual survey and next year will be more scientific!

3 Gender

4 Age

5 Race

6 Education

7 Experience Average Direct EM Experience:  8.6 Years Average Related Experience:  7.7 Years Average Experience with Current Employer:  7 Years

8 Type of Experience

9 Countries

10 Current Job

11 Company Size

12 Company Demographics Number of Emergency Management Staff  Average: 138  High: 10,000  Low: 1 Percentage of Women in EM Staff  Average: 40%

13 Diversity 65% have a Diversity Program 55% have a Diversity Recruitment Program

14 Mentoring

15 Mentoring Attitudes Of the 90 who have been mentored, only 39 (43%) are willing to be a mentor. Of the 105 who have been a mentor, only 33 (31%) are willing to do so again.

16 Internships

17 Development 44% have participated in a Leadership Development Program 66% would like to participate 36% have participated in a Career Development Program 72% would like to participate

18 Professional Organizations

19 Certifications

20 Social Media

21 Questions Questions or requests for raw data can be directed to: Sarah K. Miller, CEM, MPA 206-222-1923 This presentation will be available shortly on our website at

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