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ACEware in Action: Two new tools for Ohio JVS & Career Centers.

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1 ACEware in Action: Two new tools for Ohio JVS & Career Centers

2 Today’s Agenda Financial Aid Module Course Bundling Attendance Tracking Transcripts

3 Financial Aid module requires an installation zip file Call your tech!

4 Congratulations! One of your students has been awarded financial aid. Begin by awarding the aid to the student. Student Record Additional Info tab

5 Enter the type of award Tip: Clicking the plus sign allows you to customize the list Tip 2: Always specify a type. It will make reporting and draws easier

6 Next, fill in the award date

7 Effective Family Contribution Not a mandatory field, but helpful later for reporting

8 Generally, money is awarded to an institution in a lump sum. Payment type specifies how the money was moved from your institution to the student’s account.

9 Total Expected is the amount you anticipate the student will receive from the awarding agency

10 Draw – You will break the award into amounts that can be applied as payments to the student’s account Tip: There may be multiple draws on an award Tip 2: The Draw button indicates the TOTAL disbursement amount, and does not include draws yet to be applied as payments

11 Returned is the amount of the award never given to the student not applied to any of the student’s outstanding balances. This amount is returned to the awarding agency.

12 Remaining – Amount yet to be disbursed

13 All Draws – Financial aid waiting to be applied to student account and funds already applied to student account

14 Congratulations Again! Funds have arrived from the awarding agency and you are ready to apply money to a student account

15 Margaret Miller has enrolled in Art Appreciation, a $75 course. She has a Pell Grant of $1,500 and would like to pay for the course with part of that grant. We’ll set up a draw Fill in the date, amount & any notes.

16 Return to the names screen, edit the registration and click payments Note – No payments yet!

17 The Financial Aid button is active and indicates $1700 in available funds

18 Select the appropriate draw to make the payment with financial aid Mark it with an “X”

19 One payment, (payor name Pell Grant) $75 payment, $1625 financial aid remaining DONE!


21 Why bundle courses? Offer package that saves student money Guarantee students return for multiple courses Easier registration

22 Create all classes. Select the first class students will attend. Think of this as the “parent” class

23 To add other classes to the bundle click “Packaged Courses”

24 Add courses to the bundle

25 Modify any receipt adding justdoit(‘do cpcreate’) Running the receipt enrolls student in remaining package




29 Make certain all course dates are correct!

30 Clicking Track Attendance Activates Create Attendance & Record Attendance


32 Click “Create Attendance” then “Record Attendance” to record specifics

33 TIP! You can work with all course dates or sort by a specific date



36 Transcripts may be run from Quick Reports on the Name Screen Or, from...

37 Don’t forget that all Transcripts can be customized with logos and details

38 Questions? 800-925-2493

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