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Comparison of HR Policies and Practices

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1 Comparison of HR Policies and Practices
Miller and Pilsner-Urquell Breweries Kara Beachler Daniel Janka Sibyl McCarley

2 Company Background - Pilsner
One of the largest employers in Pilsen, Czech Republic One of the most famous Czech firms Part of SAB Miller Most popular brand of beer in Czech Republic Beer is good…Beer is Czech

3 Company Background – Miller
Also an SAB Miller brand Largest distribution is in the Midwest Good comparison to Pilsner-Urquell

4 Contacts Pilsner-Urquell Miller
Jana Zeusova – HR Recruitment Specialist Miller Michael Korpela

5 Main focus areas Recruitment – Who and How
Education and other qualifications Interview process Compensation Legal Requirements and policies

6 Recruitment Pilsner-Urquell Miller
Open positions are posted on online notice boards, the Pilsner website, University offices, and through employment agencies. Miller Online employment boards, such as Monster, Career fairs, Miller website and referrals from current employees are utilized.

7 Recruitment, continued
Pilsner-Urquell Promotion from within is a frequent occurrence, due to career planning. Miller Vacancies are posted internally for ten business days before posted externally. It is preferred that employees are promoted from within.

8 Education and Qualifications
Pilsner-Urquell Labor workers do not need a higher education. However, for an administrative position at least a degree is required. Experience can sometimes take the place of a formal education. Miller For entry-level positions, bachelor degrees are required. For a higher-level management position, an MBA is necessary.

9 Interview Process Pilsner-Urquell Miller Rule of Three
Three candidates, three levels of questions and three decision makers, and three meetings Miller Phone screening, panel interviews that could include five or six face-to-face interviews. Sometimes a second round of interviews will be conducted.

10 Interview Process, continued
At both Pilsner-Urquell and Miller the final decision on who to hire is up to the relevant manager; the HR specialist gives their recommendation.

11 Compensation Signing bonuses and wages depend on the position at both companies. Pilsner-Urquell Health insurance is standard according to labor code. Miller Health insurance varies between jobs.

12 Compensation, continued
Pilsner-Urquell Maternity leave is 28 weeks — mandated by Czech law Parental leave is max. 3 years Miller Maternity leave ranges from six to twelve weeks. Leave can be extended, contingent upon doctor’s recommendations.

13 Compensation, continued
Pilsner-Urquell Vacation is five weeks. Miller After one year, vacation is two weeks. At Pilsner-Urquell, there is generally a three-month probation period before receiving benefits; at Miller the benefits are effective immediately.

14 Legal Requirements Both Pilsner-Urquell and Miller have laws against discrimination based on gender and race. Legal requirements for foreigners: Pilsner-Urquell – Health insurance and working visa, there are no problems if from EU. Miller – Must be eligible to work in U.S.

15 Conclusion Pilsner-Urquell and Miller are both brands of SAB Miller.
HR policies and practices are consequently similar. Major differences are related to benefits.

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