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Incoming 6th Grade Parent Night 2015

2 WCI Principal – Mike Cannon
Welcome General Information School Day Core, Math, Science, PE 1 - Elective (The Wheel, Band, Intervention, Resource) Becoming a Squire

3 Incoming PTA President – Greg Sasser
Being a member of the PTA Middle School vs. Elementary School Parent Volunteer Opportunities Tri-S (Sign-ups, Sales and Schedules) Adult Social – Wild West Casino Night

4 WCI Instrumental Music – Rita Zigas-Brown
Elective Offering Philosophy/Approach Bands for 6th Grade Squire Cadet Strings Band Pathways for students Performances

5 WCI Counselors Emily Foster/Dayna Wagner
Counseling Services Overview Academic (Grades, Homework) Social (Peer-Peer, Bullying) Personal Communication

6 6th Grade Core- Jann Taylor
Core 6 Block (English-Language Arts/Social Studies) 3 Period Block Core Teacher is transition teacher for students Content Overview English-Language Arts Social Studies Technology Family Concept with Math/Science Students share teachers Informal and Formal Collaboration to help students Grades Progress Reports, Grades Parent Conferences (November)

7 Core Continued Communication Back to School Night
WCI Website – Schoolwires Contacting Teacher – /Phone Back to School Night Attendance is important Learn specific details about class Smooth Transition Keys Attend WEB Day Establish Consistent Routines Find Homework Buddy

8 Math Overview – Diane Dias
6th Grade Curriculum Key Standards First Quarter: Ratios and Proportional Relationships Second Quarter: Number Systems Third Quarter: Expressions and Equations Fourth Quarter: Geometry and Statistics/Probability Homework and Tests HW (Monday-Thursday) MARS Tasks/Problem of the Month After School Homework Help

9 Science Overview – Sarah Kious
Curricular Overview Integrated Earth, Life and Physical Science Energy, Water, and Life on Earth Middle School Science 5 Days a week Homework Science Fair Spring Quarter All students participate

10 PE Overview – Myra Adams
PE Activities/Sports 10 units through the year Rotate every 3 weeks PE Clothes Purchase at Tri-S Wear Every Day Wash on Weekends Locker Room Individual Locker with Combination Period Locker Participation and the Mile Participation/Effort: Most Important Mile is run every Wednesday Student Hygiene Deodorant Washing Clothes

11 “The Creek” – Kristy Miller
Program Overview Daily After School to 6pm Full-Time, Part-Time, Drop-In Available Homework Support Food, Games, Fun Community Service Register/Visit tonight in Room 501 after program

12 WCI Vice-Principals – Leah Dubinsky and Steve Miller
Transition Keys Attend WEB Day Walk Campus in August Be Friendly! Student Safety 1200 students on campus Transportation Bikes/Skateboards/Walkers Buses Parents Communication Student encouraged to work with us Call/ to share concerns

13 Questions – Mike Cannon
General Questions Thanks for coming and we look forward to seeing you in August! Key Dates: Tri-S: August 19th (Get Schedules) WEB Day: August 20th First Day of School: August 26th


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