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Welcome to Ingleborough Public School

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1 Welcome to Ingleborough Public School

2 Ingleborough Team Anne Ottley, Principal Sara Damaso, Vice Principal
Suzanne Nurse, Trustee Jeff DeFreitas, Superintendent of Schools Office Manager, Marlyn Elcome Office Assistant, TBA Head Custodian, John Miller

3 Introducing Ingleborough’s Exceptional Teaching Team
Kindergarten - Ms. Blunt, Ms. Jagpal, Mr. Sims ECE – Ms MacDonald, Ms Khan, Ms Khan Grade 1 - Ms Bellamy Grade 2 – Ms Spence Grade 3 - Ms Johnstone Grade 3/4, - Mr. Taylor Grade 4/5 - Ms. Holmes Grade 5 - Ms. McLaughlin Grade Mr. Hegedus Grade 6/ ESL/Gr. 4-8 FSL The Arts - TBA Grade 6/7 - Mr. Clark Grade 7/8 Team - Mr. Abd Rahim Grade 6/ 7/ 8 ICOM Team - Mr. Nunes, TBA

4 Introducing Ingleborough’s Exceptional Teaching and Support Team
Grade 1 FI Team – Ms. Matteau, Ms. Montgomery, Ms. Edwards, Ms Sarhan Grade 2 FI – Ms. Boutassis Grade 2/3 FI – TBA Grade 3 FI - Ms. Rampersad The Arts K-8 FSL - Ms. Akyen-Dicken Guidance/ISSP - Ms. Lang In-School Support - Ms. Knauer ESL/Technology - Mr. Jatanna French/P.E. FSL - Ms. Thomas Physical Education, - Mr. Miller Librarian - Ms. Stamatopoulos TA Team – Ms. Simpson, Ms. Duke BTA - Ms. Stock

5 We invite you to be a part of our team and maximize the power of “pulling together for success”.

6 Who is Anne? 22 years with the Peel District School Board
Prior to teaching in Peel, I taught in Kelowna, British Columbia Passionate about advocating for children and youth 9 years as Principal at Fletcher’s Creek Sr. P.S. 2 years as Vice Principal at Thomas Street M. S. 3 years as Peel Board’s K-12 Assessment Coordinator

7 Tentative School Organization
Kindergarten to Grade 8, FI and English 2012 Projected enrolments 419 students Tentative staff allocation 28.7 School location is: West of Creditview Road, East of Mississauga Road and South of William’s Parkway We will be the holding school for some Bramwest students for September 2012

8 School Day Schedule School Hours 8:10 - 2:30
1 – 12 minute period at beginning of 1st Nutrition Break 6 – 48 minute periods # 1 Nutrition Break: 9:58 – 10:38 #2 Nutrition Break: 12:14 – 12:54

9 Nutrition Breaks These are 40 minute breaks
Students are inside for 20 minutes to eat and outside for 20 minutes for exercise Students are supervised by either teachers or paid lunch room supervisors. ! Supervisors will supervise 3-4 classrooms. (If you are interested in becoming a lunchroom supervisor, please speak to our Vice Principal, Mrs. Sara Damaso .

10 My Personal Statement…
“I believe that as an instructional leader I have the ability to impact the lives of my students and staff to work collaboratively to create a positive change in their lives and this world. I see the potential in all members of our school community to build the necessary skills to lead highly effective lives in this 21st century, resulting in building a teaching and learning environment that is conducive to everyone meeting with success and one that honours the greatness in all. “

11 Requires a change from:
Teaching kids how to be taught to teaching kids how to be learners


13 21st Century Learning Student Centred Inquiry Based 21st Century
Collaborate Inquiry Based 21st Century Skills Student Diversity Global Classroom Real World

14 Technology Digital Natives Digital Immigrants Part of life
Education – tool for student engagement and increased student achievement wireless

15 Visionary Journey… Co-leading a 21st Century school that uses technology as a tool to foster student success through differentiation of instruction and offer a diversity of learning pathways to engage students in being the best they can be, while embracing an attitude of ‘Stewardship’ and ‘Social Justice’ To embrace the philosophy of the Covey Institute – The Leader in Me, “The Seven Habits of Happy Children and Highly Effective Teens’, building a foundation for all learners and parents focusing on Leadership, Teamwork and Character Education A collaborative learning approach that forges and builds strong relationships with the community

16 more vision … To build a solid foundation of a Professional Learning Community that embraces shared leadership, shared decision making and values teamwork , resulting in narrowing the achievement gaps Establish a Climate Action Team focusing on school and community initiatives that align with the Character Attributes and Leadership Strategies Cross-panel Pathways Program that promotes awareness and gives many opportunities for students to explore, experience and be involved in applied arts throughout their education

17 My Commitment… To establish an inclusive, supportive learning environment that will build the foundation of the Ingleborough school community To partner with all stakeholders in working together to support student and school success To ensure a safe and well balanced school environment to teach and learn in To hire the best teachers, and provide leadership and professional development of all staff

18 Seeing the potential in every child through…
Continuous School Success Planning School-wide Character Education program – The Leader in Me Social justice, equity, respect for diversity Eco-logical community

19 and more… School and Community Service outreach through Me to We involvement Seven Habits of Happy Children and Highly Effective Teens and Families Community partnerships Alternative programming i.e. Pathways, Environmental Initiatives, Entrepreneurial, Technology, etc.

20 Visionary Staffing – Ingleborough’s staff have the following skill set:
Collaborative Communicator Conflict Resolution Skills Energized Enthusiastic Fair Happy Inclusive Initiator Leader Life-long Learner Proactive Passionate Risk Taker Reflective Practitioner Reliable Team Player Embrace Change and Celebrate Success !!!

21 We invite you to join us in our journey to honour the greatness in all of us.

22 Thank you for joining us this evening, we look forward to teaming with you!

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