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Debbie Miller Chapter Nine Asking Questions

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1 Debbie Miller Chapter Nine Asking Questions
Reading with Meaning Debbie Miller Chapter Nine Asking Questions

2 What do we know about questions?
We ask questions to understand the story We ask questions before, during, and after reading Asking questions is like interviewing the book to get more information We use good question words

3 Questions

4 How does asking questions help the reader?
It helps clarify meaning Helps readers make predictions Determine what the author is saying Focus our attention on a specific element of the story Locate answers in the text

5 How do readers figure out the answers to their questions?
In the text- find the answers in the story Inside their head (infer)- find clues from the story and your understanding to come up with the answer Outside Source- another person, another story, an internet source

6 The Lesson Day 1- Discuss what a question is. We ask questions in our daily lives and we also ask questions when we read. Discuss why readers ask questions. It is to get to know more about the story the same way we would ask questions about a friend. We are improving our comprehension. Read a story and demonstrate asking questions about the story. Think aloud asking questions before, during, and after reading. Record questions.

7 Day 2 Review what we know about questions and how questions help the reader. Discuss how to find the answers: from the text, making an inference, or an outside source. Allow the students to help answer the questions from yesterday as you reread the story.

8 Day 3 Review what we know about questions, how questions help the reader, and where we find the answers to our questions. Tell the children they will be asking the questions today before, during, and after the story. Take a picture walk and allow them to ask questions. Record their questions. Have the children ask questions, while you read the story and record the questions. Have the children ask questions after you finish reading and record questions.

9 Day 4 Review how we find the answers to the questions we ask.
Reread the story and answer the questions where the answers can be found from the text or inside their heads (infer).


11 Day Five Review what we have learned about questions.
Complete answering questions where the answers are an outside source.

12 Extending the lesson Students may read their own story, independently, and ask their own questions. They may write their questions on sticky notes and place them on a class record sheet or anchor chart. They can pick one question to focus on for the next day. The next day they can focus on that question as they reread the story to find the answer. The students can write out their question and what helped them most to discover the answer. They could also share their questions and how they found the answers in small groups.

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