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Andrew Prentice Laine Pilon. There are two originations of the modern day genius ◦Originating from birth ◦Achieving through hard work  “While genius.

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1 Andrew Prentice Laine Pilon


3 There are two originations of the modern day genius ◦Originating from birth ◦Achieving through hard work  “While genius levels of IQ are decided by Nature and birth, there are performance levels of genius resulting from hard work and social development”(Miller). Miller believes than in order to be successful, as a genius one must be social with others in the same field in order to prosper.

4 It is false that one can be born “Genius” The author, Tom, start off this piece describing how it is “insulting to [him] to say that [geniuses] were just born smart and it fell into their lap”(Tom). He believes that to achieve the stature of “Genius” without putting for a substantial amount of effort. He believes Geniuses spent a large amount of time perfecting their skills as appose to having the skills magically come to them. Quote: “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” —Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


6 Genius: ◦“natural ability or capacity; strong inclination: a special genius for leadership”( The definition implies one is born with the capability of learning material with greater ease.


8 Albert Einstein Reason for Classification Much larger corpus callosum then the average man. Received Nobel prize through physics and was named “Person of the Century”(Drew).

9 Leonardo Da Vinci Reason for Classification Da Vinci was ahead of his times, late 1400s. He drew up models of the modern day planes, automobiles, and Tanks.


11 Defined: A person who is able to excel strongly in one field; however, in other fields they strongly lack. (

12 -Famous Savant- Kim Peek: Was quoted as the “Real Life Rain Man”(Stephen). Mr. Peeks has an amazing memory, but he was named mentally disabled at birth. Mr. Peeks is able to memorize a page, that a human being would spend three minutes on, in 10 seconds.

13 Work Cited John Miller. “The Truth about Genius.” Liquid Imagination. 2011. Web. Tom. “My Thoughts on Being Born Genius.” tomlambert. March 31, 2010. Web. Drew. “Top 50 Geniuses Of All Time.” 4mind4life. April 1, 2008. Web. Stephen. “The Original Rain Man.” mymultiplesclerosis. Aug 31, 2011. Web.

14 Andrew Prentice Laine Pilon MutantsMutants


16 “A Mutation occurs when a DNA gene is damaged or changed in such a way as to alter the genetic message carried by that gene.” Definition ml

17 Scott Flansburg is known as the “Human Calculator. He has been teaching math for 20 years now and he has helped kids around the world any age and has tried to make it fun for kids and he has with his crazy ability to, add, subtract, divide, multiply and even do it with square and cubed roots!! The History Channel Scott Flansburg “The Human Calculator”

18 This man is said to have the ability to shut off his pain receptors in his body!! As a little boy he was fascinated by weird things in life, and was impressed by people that could endure pain and wanted to become one of them himself. And as he got older he found a way to do it, amazingly he can endure a car driving over him while on a bed of nails!! The History Channel Tim Cridland “The Man Who Feels No Pain”

19 Ron White is known as the “Memory Man” because he can memorize things faster than everyone in the world. He memorized a full deck of cards in random order, in less than a minute. He is absolutely insane with this ability, he can remember anything and recite it back to in perfect order as if he had recorded it. He has training websites to help others to become what he is. Ron White “The Memory Guy” The History Channel

20 superhumans/videos/human- calculator#human-calculator superhumans/videos/human- calculator#human-calculator superhumans/bios/super-memory superhumans/bios/super-memory superhumans/bios/the-man-who-feels-no- pain superhumans/bios/the-man-who-feels-no- pain Info/MUT/Mut.Definition.html Info/MUT/Mut.Definition.htmlResources

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