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Help adjusters find furniture techs in typically hard to service areas. Understanding the particular skills needed to complete the claim. Suggestions.

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2 Help adjusters find furniture techs in typically hard to service areas. Understanding the particular skills needed to complete the claim. Suggestions for creative ideas to service your caseload properly. Qualifying technicians.

3 I.Reviewing your claim and understanding your needs II.The easiest solutions III.Solutions when there are no solutions IV.One time claims in difficult areas V.Qualifying the technician

4 I.It is very important to understand what your particular situation needs in order to be successful. I.Do you simply need an inspector on site to evaluate the damages so you can confirm the validity of the claim? II.Is your customer wanting to get their furniture repaired from the beginning? III.Are there aggravating circumstances that are dictating the claim? IV.Is there a unique item on the claim that needs special attention?

5 Evaluating the Claim I. Is there property damage on the claim? II. What quality of furniture are we talking about? A. Ikea – less expensive or the like B. If the furniture is missing hardware III. Is this type of damage normally repairable? A. Break down the damage--what skill level is needed? IV. Did the customer transfer from out of the country? A. Ikea Furniture is not the same in foreign countries.

6 Fine Furniture 1. Hardwoods/Antiques 2. How badly damaged is the furniture or property damage? 3. Is off site work a necessity? 4. Requires a skilled furniture artist 5. What are the customer’s expectations? Evaluating the Type of Furniture or Property Damage on the Claim

7 Special Construction Specialty Furniture can be described as custom made or requires factory training to repair.  Danish Modern Pieces where very special materials and techniques are used for construction.  Furniture with exotic materials – Burmese Teak/Monkey Pod Usually found in antiques from foreign countries.  Pianos – Polyester finishes are very specialized.  Art Work – Metal printing and ceramics.  Oriental Rugs – Cleaning and repair can not be done by a local upholstery cleaner.

8 Grills and BBQs Metal TV stands Glass top patio furniture Big screen TVs are infrequently cost effective to replace the panel A. Most Metal Furniture is not repairable after it bends or breaks Some items are not repairable after they break. Usually the skill set to complete the claim should not be based on these items.

9 Sears is not geared to work with third party companies trying to schedule service. You will need to make an account and place a credit card on file. LG and Samsung products need a qualified shop to complete repairs. Is the mechanical condition covered? Appliance Hospital 888 281 0041888 281 0041



12 Local Furniture Retailers A.These companies have the same problems with furniture and may know someone in the area. Cabinet Refinishers: They do Similar work daily A. The trick is getting them to work with you. Upholsters : This skill is akin to wood repair and they come across similar problems. They may have a great contact for you. Handymen: Often possess prior experience. By their very Definition, they are a jack of all trades. This can be a hit or miss.

13 The moving industry is not the only ones that need HHG’s serviced 1.Exercise Equipment Repair: Local gyms need to have there equipment serviced often. They will know who is in the area and can help out. 2. Piano Repair and Refinishing: Smaller piano movers have to handle there own claims and normally work in smaller regions. Connect with them for service providers in the area. 3. Arcade Game Systems: Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo. Computer stores do not service these systems. These can be sent in to the manufacture or locate a small outfit that specializes in game systems.

14 1.Chinese Hardware: 2. Locating Appliance Parts: 3.Finding Fine China and Dishware: 4. Replacement Hardware:

15 Ashley Furniture customer service is not geared to work with service providers trying to help their customers. To service your clients properly, it will require the members involvement. Some things to know about Ashley Furniture: A. Web retailers sell the Ashley Signature line: B. The model number on their furniture is suppose to be used for internal purposes. It can be difficult to find online.

16 1. Request that the member call the retail center where they purchased their furniture. If that set has not been discontinued, then the part should still be available. All of this can be found on the Purchase Receipt. 2. Ashley Furniture will order the parts and have them sent to the nearest dealer to where the customer lives. 3. Your furniture tech can pick them up locally and pay for the parts.

17 1. Find a group of eight colleges.2. Review the provided claim form.3. Have each person provide a solution for one of the problems in the claim.4. Share your thoughts and findings.


19 What are your skills? Touch up, Refinishing Upholstery What projects are you working on right now? What processes will you use to repair this Mahogany Table Will you need to mix dye or Stain? Have you worked mover before? Scrutinize the answer as it will always be “Yes”

20 Poor Communication Skills A. No cell phone B. No email C. No fax 1. Missing appointments 2. Not making timely customer contact 3. No sense of urgency D. No digital photos or mailed images 4. No online presence



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