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Adrian Frid Retail Director Miller & Carter Steakhouses.

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1 Adrian Frid Retail Director Miller & Carter Steakhouses

2 Delivering Value-added Customer Experience

3 Welcome to Mitchells & Butlers

4 You might be thinking... But you’d be wrong.

5 You might know us better as....

6 Mitchells & Butlers – key facts Independence established in April 2003 The leading UK operator of around 1,600 managed restaurants and food pubs with sales of nearly £2bn pa One of the largest operators in the eating and drinking out market which is worth c£70bn Average weekly sales of £22.8k (almost four times the industry average) Serving around 130 million meals and 420 million drinks a year Food accounts for around 50% of our total sales - and related drinks add a further 25% c40,000 employees (retail & corporate) Property estate predominantly freehold with a net book value of around £3.8bn

7 Mitchells & Butlers in Birmingham Our Retail Support Centre - based on Fleet Street in Birmingham - employs around 900 people

8 Mitchells & Butlers in Birmingham 114 restaurants, bars and pubs in the ‘B’ postcode Providing jobs for around 5,000 people - particularly young, unskilled people Generating sales of around £136m per annum 900 jobs in our Retail Support Centre Boosting the local economy

9 You might even have been to... All Bar One Brindleyplace or Newhall Street Browns in the Bullring O’Neill’s on Broad Street Toby, Harvester, Amber Tavern or the Dog - all on Hagley Road The White Swan, the Vine or the Junction in Harborne Fighting Cocks in Moseley The Old Contemptibles on Edmund Street Bacchus Bar in the Burlington Arcade Red Lion in Alvechurch The Lyttelton Arms or Barnt Green Inn And... Of course... Miller & Carter The Mailbox Hockley Heath Cheswick Green Sutton Park



12 THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT? “The Customer is not always 100% right in fact they have the permission occasionally to be wrong, but they remain The Customer” 100% of the time


14 Service Versus Hospitality D:-“The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of friends or strangers” Treated like a guest in your own home C: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In hospitality it is the same Who comes first, the staff or the guest

15 Miller & Carter Priorities Our People Trained / engaged / stable / happy team members Our Guests Satisfied / willing to return / brand advocates Our Practices Accept nothing but World-class standards... always Our Profits Financial security / reinvestment / future growth



18 Our guests tell us what’s important to them Clean & safe Good value Welcoming & safe Served by knowledgeable teams Well-maintained Consistent great quality Feeling valued If it’s not right fix it Let me pay quickly Thank me

19 Do the following deliver a value-added customer experience? Customer Not Always Right But Always The Customer Service And Hospitality Service Profit Chain Individual Brand Values

20 Elephants don’t bite. It’s the mosquitoes you have to be wary of!!!

21 Cuba

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