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A Timeline of Chronic Disease – Prevention to Restoring Health Presented by Damon P. Miller II, MD Box 50399, Palo Alto, CA 94303

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1 A Timeline of Chronic Disease – Prevention to Restoring Health Presented by Damon P. Miller II, MD Box 50399, Palo Alto, CA 94303

2 William S. Coury Founded American Nutriceuticals in 1998 Mentor Healer Cancer Survivor Inventor Teacher

3 William S. Coury Motivated by a desire to live, and a desire to serve. Survived an osteosarcoma in his tibia that arose from a site of chronic osteomyelitis (following a pedestrian vs. car accident) Refused amputation. Survival of this tumor without surgical resection is almost unheard of.

4 William S. Coury Bill had much help, and some important mentors: Lahey Clinic Cleveland Clinic McGill Ernesto Contreras in Tiajuana Dr. Hans Nieper Bill spent much of 1970 to 1975 working with and treated by Dr. Nieper at Sloan Kettering. He was given access to facilities for research and study while there.

5 William S. Coury Yesterday is Gone Tomorrow belongs to God. The only moment you are alive in your entire life is this moment right now. Cherish the moment. Say, “I will live with the grace of God, and I will do good for others.”

6 Cancer, the Problem Cancer is the major cause of death (non-trauma) in all age groups under 65 years. Some of the largest increases in cancer incidence are in younger cohorts, ie: Greatest increase in breast cancer incidence in the 22-25 year old cohort in the United States (see Fortune Mag. Jan, 2003)

7 Cancer Mortality (Sweden) Journal of Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine Vol. 21 No. 1; April 2002: pages 3-8

8 Cancer Incidence Cancer Incidence (from BEIR-VII, National Academies 2006)

9 Current Cancer Treatment From the news in 2004: “The FDA approved the drug for advanced colorectal cancer. While the drug does not extend cancer patients' lives, studies have shown that it does reduce the size of tumors.” "This has enormous potential," said Robert Mayer, director of gastrointestinal oncology at the Dana- Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. "And this is only the first wave. There are several more underway. That's why this is such a very exciting time."

10 Current Cancer Treatment Cancer Patient Survival Report Number 5, January 1976 by Lillian M. & M.A. & Ardyce J. Asire & M.S. & Max H. Myers ED. Axtell (funding by HEW, NIH and US-Public Health Service Compiled 3 year survival results for many cancers treated with combinations of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy (specific therapies) Included data on people who had opted for “non-specific” therapies. Survival in this category better than for specific therapies for many cancers, sometimes much better. (There was no Report Number 6)

11 Current Cancer Treatment The “General Social Survey”, federal non-partisan polling has shown a significant decrease since the 1970’s in the faith people have in the Pillar Institutions of our society. People’s faith in the Medical Establishment has deteriorated significantly. This growing reluctance to follow blindly the advice of your physician is compounded by a broader access to information about the ineffectiveness of many cancer therapies. ie: “The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-year Survival in Adult Malignancies”, Clinical Oncology (2004) 16: 549-560

12 The Null Set  When the only choices available are surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, sometimes the best choice is to do nothing.  Precious little research on cancer treatment that has studied the null set – what happens if you do nothing vs. treatment.  Natural history of breast cancers detected in the Swedish mammography screening programme: a cohort study. Lancet Oncol 2011; 12: 1118–24  Once you and your client have decided to do “nothing”, then we can show you what can be done.

13 The Disease of Cancer The disease of cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. A tumor is a symptom of the disease. Eliminate the symptom and leave the disease, and the person simply develops another malignancy. Clinicians know this.

14 The Growth of Cancer Cancer is a twelve year disease, with a tumor appearing at about the eighth year (= one billion cancer cells = 1 gram= size of marble). Assumes an average cell doubling time of 90 days Growth of tumor not linear, with growth increased during periods of stress. Tumors arising in response to radiation, extreme stressors, or in the presence of pre-existing genetic malformations move this calendar forward. Skin tumors can vary (faster or slower) One Billion Cancer Cells | | | | | | | | | | | | 1 st 8 th 12th Year Year Year

15 The Cascade The Cascade ℠ “The Cascade Timeline” The Cascade is a chronological explanation of the progression of health status from a balanced state to a chronic disease or cancerous state, and how the opportunities for undetectable cellular abnormalities places one in “The Cascade Timeline”.

16 The Cascade The Cascade ℠ Understanding the Progression of Chronic Disease: How a Chronic Disease Begins What is the Role of Mitochondria What is the Result of Damage to RNA/DNA How Cells Evade Immune Detection How a Tumor is Created What is Progenitor Cryptocides What is the Role of pH How a Tumor Attracts Blood Supply

17 The Cascade How Chronic Disease Begins Work in Japan with electron microscope studies has shown that, on average, there are 75 million cells per day that are abnormal and need to be cleared by our immune system. Equilibrium between the health of the immune system and the total load of abnormal cells in the body at any given time. 75,000,000 Cancer Cells Immune System

18 The Cascade How Chronic Disease Begins Increased Stress Increase above 75 million cells *It only takes two weeks of stress and/or other immune suppression for the cells to become abnormal and evade the normal immune response bringing someone further down the timeline of chronic disease.

19 Causes of Suppressed Immune System Toxins Viruses, Bacteria, Microbes Genetics Inflammation Radiation & EMF Diet Emotional Stressors

20 The Cascade What is the Role of the Mitochondria Work of Bruce Ames, Ph.D Toxins are carried to the mitochondria, whose job it is to combust them. Incomplete combustion of toxins, for a variety of reasons, leads to the production of excessive amounts of O2 Free Radicals

21 The Cascade What is the Role of the Mitochondria Video from Dr. Ames lab of a mitochondria spewing free radicals in the cytoplasm of a cell. This excessive production of free radicals as a consequence of the incomplete combustion of toxins magnifies the damage caused by the toxins we carry. Streams of these free radicals are now flowing from the mitochondria heading to the RNA/DNA and causes damage.

22 The Cascade What is the Result of Damage to RNA/DNA DNA / RNA behaves as a crystal Work of Rosalind Franklin with X-Ray diffraction studies to characterize DNA (identified joints) Human DNA strands are 6 feet long, yet can fold and compress to 1 Angstrom (1x10 -6 mm) WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW “Joints” become the outside walls of the compressed DNA / RNA

23 The Cascade What is the Result of Damage to RNA/DNA WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW The “Joints” in the DNA / RNA strand contain the switches controlling apoptosis. Repeated insult to these switches by free radicals, toxins, radiation, etc. damages the switches and they stay “on”  resulting in uncontrolled growth of the abnormal cell (onco cell). Onco Cell Formed No Control Loss of Capability for Apoptosis Cumulative Damage

24 The Cascade How Cells Evade Immune System Detection Immune System kills things “Not Self” Compromised Immune System for two weeks allows sufficient time for newly formed onco cells to attach to connective tissue, coat themselves with fibrin and mucus, and shield themselves from immune system. Japanese electron microscopic studies showing 15x layers of fibrin.

25 The Cascade How a Tumor is Created These abnormal cells with no apoptosis switch continue to divide making bad copies of itself. They are now coated with fibrin which “masks” them from normal immune system destruction. Since the fibrinogen and phlegm are very sticky, the coated cells begin to stick together to form a colony  now you have a tumor.

26 The Cascade What is Progenitor Cryptocides Work of Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler and the identification of Progenitor Cryptocides as an organism almost universally present in the sac around solid tumors.

27 The Cascade What is Progenitor Cryptocides Progenitor Cryptocides, a strep like bacterium Produces a substance analogous to HCG What does the immune system do with non-self cells that are coated with HCG?  It ignores them. Vaccines to counter Progenitor Cryptocides

28 The Cascade What is the Role of pH Blood enters cancer cell and glucose combustion occurs, but also burns up nutrients and spews H+ ions into the blood H+ ions have pH of 2.1-2.4 Neighboring cells die and become food Cancer can only live in this acidic micro-environment

29 The Cascade Sugar, Glycolosis and Cancer Milieu around an onco cell is an incubator, and an oven Tumor cell relies on glycolosis for energy Otto Warburg, Nobel Laureate in 1931 Tumor cells can only eat sugar 2 glucose receptors on a normal cell, but 23 or more glucose receptors on an onco cell

30 The Cascade Sugar, Glycolosis and Cancer? If an oncologist tells you that limiting sugar consumption is not important, remind them of the mechanism behind a PET scan. Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG), avidly taken up by cancer cells. What about fruit? Fructose + fluorine-18 works for PET Limit all sugars

31 The Cascade How a Tumor Attracts Blood Supply Colony looking for a good blood supply to get more glucose Touches smooth muscle, draws in blood supply (angiogenesis)

32 The Cascade Cancer is not a “spontaneous eruption” in the body. Nothing in nature is spontaneous. When you understand how a cancer forms, and how cancer establishes a happy home in a body, Then you can develop preventative strategies to manage and control the imbalances that occur in the beginning of the Timeline as well as therapeutic protocols for “known” cancers.

33 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline As described, cancer is a 12 year disease. It is imperative to understand where your patients fall in The Cascade Timeline. Test EVERYONE...As we know prevention is key! Give the body the tools to innately do what the body knows what to do! Should someone test for any aspect of The Cascade Timeline, there are strategies for providing preventative & therapeutic support for returning to homeostasis.

34 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Specific Body System Support Chinese Herbal Medicine, by C.P. Li, MD, U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, DHEW Publication No. (NIH) 75-732, 1974 Medicine in Chinese Cultures: comparative studies of health care in Chinese and other societies: papers and discussions from a conference held in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., February 1974. edited by Arthur Kleinman... [et al.]. [Washington], U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, Public Health Service, National Institutes of Health, for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1975 [i.e. 1976] (DHEW publication, no. (NIH) 75-653) Orleans, Leo A.]. A bibliography of Chinese sources on medicine and public health in the People's Republic of China: 1960-1970; a publication of Geographic Health Studies by the John E. Fogarty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences. [Bethesda, Md.] U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, National Institutes of Health (DHEW Publication no. (NIH) 73-439)

35 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Specific Body System Support At ANY given time within The Cascade Timeline, an individual may need support for specific systems that tests imbalanced. Important to detect these BEFORE becoming chronic and more difficult to reverse. Natura 101-901 Natura 101-901 Chinese Herbal Formulas are system specific for these imbalances:

36 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Specific Body System Support “Natura Saves Lives” Dr. Huang the current holder of the mantle of a medical tradition that dates back to at least the year 1200 A.D. in China Natura formulas are “medicine” in China and used for more than 1,000 years in more than 100 countries on over 500,000 patients. Over 4,000 cases of patients were clinically analyzed showing average effectiveness rate of 83.5%!

37 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Support & Increase Immune System Healthy Diet, Juicing, Raw Foods Addressing other health needs Remember the see-saw: if the immune system is depressed, the total number of cancer cells increases. Support for immune function, anti-inflammatory support, adaptogens.

38 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Support & Increase Immune System Noni Immune Support  Keio University, Japan, Cancer Letters, 1993 Noni “may have turned pre-cancer cells back into normal cell” Conclusion- “Noni was the most effective…among 500 tested extracts” Analgesic  Physician survey– 3700 pain patients; 87% reported decrease in symptoms

39 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Support & Increase Immune System Alkylglycerols derived from specially processed shark liver oil with over 50 years of clinical data Regulates immune functions (WBC, RBC, antibodies, platelets) ALSO great mercury detoxifier without kidney damage

40 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Detoxification Inside & Outside of Cells Stress Release Naturally increases the production of SOD (Super- Oxide Dismutase) – the “intercellular garbage men” All cancer cells have very low levels of SOD Especially useful at clearing the toxicity from chemotherapy and radiation  reduces side effects. Large amounts used in Chernobyl and Japan

41 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Oxidative Therapy Before oxidation damages the RNA/DNA apoptosis switch and starts making “bad copies” of itself, need to increase antioxidant activity at the cellular level. Vitality C A combination of Sodium Ascorbate and a specially formulated ribose allows large ORAL dosing of Vitamin C, usually circumventing need for IV - Vitamin C. Easy, simple and cheap. Contains 4 Grams of Vit C and 2 Grams of GMS- Ribose per tsp WITHOUT stomach upset

42 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Oxidative Therapy Extensive literature on Vitamin C and cancer treatment, both as a single agent, and in protocols. Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine Vol. 19, No. 4, 2004 (pdf’s at Excellent issue devoted to use of antioxidant in conjunction with chemotherapy. Most patients treated concurrently with antioxidants and chemotherapy did better than chemotherapy alone.

43 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Oxidative Therapy Case: 76 year old man, diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. So sickened by first attempt at chemotherapy that he refused all further therapy. Contacted by his family for suggestions of things to make him comfortable. Suggested that he eliminate all sugar, and take Vitality C to bowel tolerance. Maintained this program for over three years. After three years, decided to stop protocol, and died two months later.

44 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Remove Fibrin When immune system suppressed, cancer cell will coat itself with fibrinogen to “hide” and look like “self” to bypass normal destruction response. Large doses of absorbable enzymes needed to strip the cells of its fibrin coat and “unmask” it so the immune system can see the abnormal cells/tumor. = Wobenzyme + Wobe-Mucos Enzyme from Venus Fly-Trap important in cancer protocols. Nutrizyme Nutrizyme

45 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Production of Hydrogen Peroxide Tumor is a huge oven burning glucose (glycolysis)- needs sugar. Cancer cell has 23+ glucose receptor sites vs. two on a normal cell. Vitality C Vitality C has a glucose factor attached, which causes cancer cells to love it and suck it into their cell Due to absence of catalase, it breaks down the hydrogen plus ions into hydrogen peroxide causing cell death from inside.

46 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Shift Microcellular pH When glucose is combusted inside the tumor, H+ ions are released producing an extremely acidic microenvironment in which tumors can only survive. Acidic environment around tumor binds K + and Mg ++ and causes adjacent normal cells to pull their apoptosis switch, and they then become food.  must shift to alkaline environment Cesium Chloride (Ce) & Rubidium Chloride (Rb) formula displaces the excess of H + ions around the tumor disrupting its’ defenses Alkalizing must be done at the cellular level and in the immediate environment around the tumor.

47 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Shift Total Body pH A different conversation than shifting the pH in the microenvironment around the tumor. The easiest, simplest and cheapest way to make yourself more alkaline is to breathe a bit fuller and slower than you usually breathe. Search “isokinetic breathing” on for a simple breathing exercise that can shift your salivary ph to a more alkaline state in just four or five minutes.

48 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Inhibit Angiogenesis In angiogenesis, the cancer cells reach out to arteries and veins to pull in a blood supply for the colony. The cancer cells/tumor needs the glucose (sugar) in our blood in order to live. A natural product derived from Convolvulus arvensis (or Bindweed) The isolated group of proteoglycan molecules (PGM’s) have shown anti-angiogenesis properties

49 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Restore Normal Membrane Potentials Biologically Closed Electric Circuits: Clinical, Experimental and Theoretical Evidence for an Additional Circulatory System Bjorn E. W. Nordenstrom, MD (Sweden) Investigation of the natural currents around tumors and other pathology, with the hypothesis that these currents were a part of the body’s attempt at healing. Microcurrent therapies to cure tumors an inadequate single therapy

50 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Adjunctive Aspects  Water, Water, Water!!!  Parasite cleanse  Liver/Gallbladder flush  Coffee enemas  Nutrition / Juicing  Far Infra-red sauna  Foot detoxing  Chelation (Oral or IV)  Lymphatic drainage  Skin brushing  Reduce stress  Exercise  Emotional Detox  Meditation  Inflammation  Hormonal Balance

51 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Detoxification Detoxification is critical if we are to restore health and support the terrain of the body. Forget testing. We are all full of any toxin you can test for, and in large amounts. EDS testing measures the body’s response to, or attitude about, the various toxins. Dr. Cowden’s LED procedure is simple, elegant and powerful. Well described in online courses at

52 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Detoxification The combination of the individualized homeopathic nosodes and energetic medicine (IR and laser) stir up the toxins. Once mobilized, significant support with drainage remedies and chelators is needed to allow complete excretion of the toxins. LED greatly accelerates the detoxification process, and when well managed, is very well tolerated. Just try it, but educate yourself first.

53 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Detoxification The new heavy metals we are dealing with are isotopes from the nuclear age. Experience from the “Downwinders”, Chernobyl, Fukushima, etc. Stress Release (AN) and Radiation Detox (DesBio)

54 Strategies for The Cascade Timeline Adjunctive Aspects - Emotional Toxicity Work of Dr. Hamer Work of Claude Sabbah, and his student, Gilbert Renaud (Vancouver, CA) How the stressors and conflicts that challenge us settle into our bodies. “All diseases are cancer”

55 The Cascade Paper by Dr. Judah Folkman Role of Angiogenesis in Human Tumor Dormancy, Cell Cycle 5:16, 1779-1787, 15 August 2006 “Microscopic human cancers can remain in an asymptomatic, non-detectable, and occult state for the life of a person.” And, Can cancer cells revert to normal tissue???


57 The Cascade What if there was a simple test that could tell you if someone was in The Cascade Timeline? What if your work with a person began before they actually had a tumor?

58 Patient Evaluation Use of galvanic skin response training to evaluate a person’s place in The Cascade Biosurvey for the Zyto from American Nutriceuticals “Cascade Biosurvey” Information from evaluation of the body’s tissues and systems combined with the balancing provided by adding proteolytic enzymes, oxidative therapies and the different Natura products to identify if someone is in the Cascade.

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