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Provided by the Office of Student Financial Aid at the University of Georgia Student Financial Aid Information.

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1 Provided by the Office of Student Financial Aid at the University of Georgia Student Financial Aid Information

2 Office Contact Information Our address: 220 Holmes/Hunter Academic Building Athens, GA 30602-6114 (It is the big building behind the Arch.) Telephone (706) 542-6147 Fax (706) 542-8217 Web site: E-mail:

3 Estimated Cost of Attendance for Fall 2011 & Spring 2012 combined GA Resident On Campus Non Resident On Campus Tuition & Fees947227,682 Books/ Supplies1078 Room & Board8708 Transportation320 Living Expenses1242 Total20,82039,030

4 Estimated Breakdown of Expenses That Must Be Paid in August for Fall 2011 Flat Rate Tuition for 7+ Hours In-State: $3641 Out-of-State: $12,746 Student Fees$1095 Average Cost of Residence Hall$2458 Seven Day Meal Plan$1896 Average Cost of Books$539 Estimated Total for In-State: $9629 Estimated Total for Out-of-State: $18,734

5 Types of Financial Aid Scholarships (Including HOPE & Zell Miller Scholarship) Grants Federal Work Study Federal Student Loans Federal Parent Loans

6 How to Apply for Aid To apply for federal aid complete the: 2011-12 Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Save your PIN, and use it next year!

7 How to Apply for HOPE

8 Am I required to reapply for HOPE each year? If you apply via the FAFSA, the FAFSA must be completed each year.

9 Applying for HOPE continued… If you apply for HOPE via, you do not have to reapply for HOPE each year…

10 As Long As You Do Not Have a Prolonged Break In Enrollment!

11 We highly encourage all HOPE eligible students to apply for HOPE via!

12 Your Financial Aid Award Once your Award has been created, OSFA will notify you via e-mail Your Award will be available for viewing in OASIS at

13 How to Access Your Award in OASIS

14 Sample Award

15 Pre-accepted Aid Defined Any type of gift aid that does not require students to repay the aid or to work to earn the aid. Examples: Scholarships HOPE or Zell Grants (Federal Pell, FSEOG, etc) We automatically accept these types of aid for the student.

16 Unaccepted Aid Defined Non-gift aid that requires student action. Examples: Federal Loans/ Federal Work Study These types of non-gift aid are indicated with a blank line (______) under “Amount You Accept” on the Award screen.

17 How to Accept Unaccepted Aid For each type of aid requiring an action by you, enter an “AMT YOU ACCEPT”. Enter 0 if you do not wish to accept this type of aid.

18 HOPE Scholarship What will HOPE pay? For the 2011-2012 academic year, it pays $212.10 per credit hour for up to 15 hours. HOPE does not pay for student fees or books

19 Zell Miller Scholarship What will the Zell Miller Scholarship pay? 100% current year, standard rate tuition Zell does not pay for student fees or books

20 Zell Miller Eligibility Requirements Must have graduated from an eligible high school in 2007 or later High school HOPE GPA of 3.70, and Sat score of 1200 or ACT score of 26 in one test administration; or Valedictorian or Salutatorian (must be HOPE eligible) **If a student is not eligible out of high school, he or she is NEVER eligible

21 Test Scores for Zell Miller Scholarship Test must be taken in single administration Test must be taken by last day of high school Exception for class of 2011 who have until June 30


23 HOPE Eligibility Checkpoints OSFA must check for a 3.0 HOPE GPA at the 30, 60 and 90 HOPE attempted hour Benchmarks Students either: (1) maintain (2) gain or (3) lose HOPE at these Benchmarks


25 Spring HOPE Checkpoint OSFA must also check for a 3.0 HOPE GPA after every Spring Semester Students either (1) maintain or (2) lose HOPE eligibility at the Spring checkpoint. Students cannot (re)gain HOPE unless Spring is also their 30, 60 or 90 Benchmark.

26 Loss of the HOPE Scholarship Student can only lose & regain HOPE once during their academic career

27 Maintaining the Zell Miller Scholarship Must maintain a 3.30 HOPE GPA Same GPA calculation, benchmarks, and caps as HOPE Can only lose & regain Zell once. Students that have a GPA below a 3.00 at a checkpoint are considered to have a loss for both HOPE and Zell.

28 Plus/ Minus & HOPE Plus/ minuses are not considered when calculating a student’s HOPE GPA!

29 Hard 127 Attempted/ Paid Hour Cap HOPE & Zell will now only pay up to 127 attempted or paid hours.

30 Seven Year Limit A student who has NOT received HOPE Scholarship payment prior to Summer 2011 may receive HOPE until 7 years after his or her high school graduation date, GED test date, Home Study Completion date, or date student stopped pursuing a diploma.

31 Outside Scholarship Checks All outside scholarship checks should be mailed to OSFA Include student’s full name and last 4 digits of SSN or full 810 # on the check

32 Scholarship checks must be received by OSFA no later than July 15! (If you wish to have the check processed in time to be applied toward Fall 2011 charges)

33 Scholarship Reporting Form Each year many UGA students are awarded scholarships by private (outside) sources such as high schools, civic organizations, charitable foundations, businesses, etc. All awards from sources outside UGA must be reported to OSFA to ensure we have the most accurate picture of your financial assistance.

34 How to Access the Scholarship Reporting Form

35 Freshman Loan Limits Dependent StudentsAnnual Subsidized/ Unsubsidized Maximum Freshman$3500 Sub or Unsub based on need + $2000 Unsub Total: $5500

36 Federal Parent PLUS Loan To apply for the Parent PLUS Loan, a student MUST complete the FAFSA, even if the only federal aid being requested is the Parent PLUS Loan. If the FAFSA application process has been completed and the PLUS Loan is not listed on the student’s Official Award, you may request the PLUS Loan by having the student complete a Change in Aid Request via our Web site.

37 Change in Aid Request

38 See You at the Resource Fair!

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