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Albert Einstein Patrick miller.

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1 Albert Einstein Patrick miller

2 Country of origin Albert Einstein was born in kingdom of Wurttemberg, Germany.

3 When did albert Einstein come to America
Albert came to America in December, 1932.

4 Why did albert want to go to America
In 1932 Adolf Hitler had many of concentration camps and torcher chambers for all the people he didn’t like/and he was out to get rid of all the Jews in the whole world. Albert Einstein was a German Jew and he was scared for his life he was to important to just die.

5 What was his duty when he got to America
When he got to America his first job was in Princeton,New jersey at the institutes of advanced studies. The united states saw he's potential there and they got him to work with the rest of the scientist in the Manhattan project.

6 What is albert Einstein's religion

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