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By Henry James Stephanie Elizalde Period 6: AP

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1 By Henry James Stephanie Elizalde Period 6: AP
Daisy Miller By Henry James Stephanie Elizalde Period 6: AP

2 About the Author Henry James was born o April 15, 1843 and died February 28, 1916. American-born writer, known as one of the key figures of 19th-century literary realism. Alternated between America and Europe finally settled in England. A year before his death he was known for his series of Novella's. James method of writing was the point of view of a character within a tale allowing him to explore issues related to consciousness and perception and his style in later works have been compared to impressionist painting.

3 Life James was born in New York City; wealthy family..
Parents were Mary Robertson and Henry James, Sr. ( Known as one of the best intellectuals in mid 19th-centary America. Age of 19 he briefly attended Harvard Law School, but preferred literature over law. At age 21 he published his first short story “A Tragedy of Error.

4 Historical Information
James lived from 1843 to 1916, a time of social and political revolution in Europe and Industrial revolution in America. American-born James which traveled extensively between Europe and America was able to witness the changes in both places firsthand. Many novels and his stories explore the great “continental divide” between his native land and his adoptive home.

5 Themes Americans Abroad
American abroad was a subject very much of the moment in the years of the civil war. James was two minded about the American character. He was more sympathetic to the Europeans form of life, education culture and etc. the Americans he saw them as boring, uneducated and etc.

6 Themes cont. Sadness and safety of the unlived life
American abroad was James’s signature themes, but the unlived life ; characters focus their attention on an ideal/idea they feel to achieve there spirit to an understanding or patience. - Again , and again the characters realize that no matter how much they go forward and achieve and what they have been waiting for, has passed them by and they wasted there whole life. (Winterbourne)

7 Motifs Gossip Daisy Miller is based on gossip, anecdote told by the narrator who was involved in the events but didn’t care much for them. Its known that Daisy Miller originated with a piece of gossip James had heard from a friend while his visitation to Rome. Because the novel was inconsequential gossip James heightens Daisy’s fate. The fact that no one cares for Daisy’s death is sad.

8 Motifs cont. Innocence Throughout Daisy Miller, Winterbourne questions whether Daisy is innocent.. The word “ innocence “ appears repeatedly but in different meanings. To James's innocence meant 3 things. 1) ignorant ( when it came to Daisy attempted to have a conversation.) 2) Naïve ( castello uses it when she calls winterbourne “ to innocent.” ch 2)’ 3) When winterbourne twirls his mustache.. Hes trying to determine what Daisy was… but eventually considered the Miller’s as “ ignorant”, “ very innocent.” and Daisy as a harmless flirt.

9 Important Characters Daisy Miller
- Wealthy , young American girl from upstate New York. She is spirited, independent, flirty. She does not care of other peoples opinions. Winterbourne - American who of majority of his time has lived in Europe. He is addicted to analyzing feminine beauty. He defends Daisy in front of his aunt but questions her character.

10 Style Elements Significant to the Author
Narrator was third-person limited . Point of view was first-person. Presented as a classic nineteenth-century realism. Based on winterbourne’s point of view.

11 Symbols Daisy and Randolph
- her brother and herself are one of the major symbols. - Daisy can be viewed as representing America: young, fresh, naïve, innocent, self-centered and etc. - Randolph is quit different he is portrayed as an ugly thinly veiled “ ugly American . “

12 Symbols cont. The Coliseum
- Where Daisy encounters with Winterbourne takes place and where she is in contact with the fever that kills her. - the Coliseum can be viewed as an important symbolism because it can symbolized the “ sacrificed innocence.” Winterbourne throws Daisy to her destiny and he sacrificed her innocence. Because he feels that she isn’t worth saving or worrying about.

13 Conflicts The major conflict
Daisy refusal to conform to European Laws. Particular relations between young unmarried people . ( opposite sex)

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