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ICT in Parliament: organizational challenges Joan Miller, Director of Parliamentary ICT.

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2 ICT in Parliament: organizational challenges Joan Miller, Director of Parliamentary ICT

3 ICT in Parliament UK How is it used?

4 A Member’s day … PICT supporting each activity… …arrives at Parliament Pays for a coffee collects order paper and other documents for day’s proceedings In the office, sends emails, makes telephone calls Attends Chamber proceedings are recorded and transmitted Committee contributions recorded in Hansard

5 PICT supporting each activity… Research using library applications Connecting remotely to the Parliamentary Network Members’ staff receiving IT training Finance, processing Members’ expenses Members receiving email via new mobile technology Meanwhile….

6 and some services in the constituency

7 e nterprise ICT why ….

8 Cummins report “Missing out on efficiency and effectiveness, some very small teams” “Incompatible systems hinders hinders co-operation” “Better relationships with suppliers” “reduce RISK of many separate critical systems” “Too many servers and server rooms” “Unpredictable project delivery”

9 EDMs in PQs in TSO Parliamentary Papers Vote Office HoL Hansard text Printed Paper Office HoC Hansard text Bills Answers from Govt Depts. Question Books EDMs The Order Paper Amendments Commons Hansard Committee Lists Wall Sheets Broadcast Parliamentary Bookshop Commons Annunciator Written Ministerial Statements Commons Amendments Government Amendments to Bills Divisions Lords Hansard Archive PQs in The Minute Text The Minute Committee Meeting Cards

10 EDMs in PQs in HoL Hansard text HoC Hansard text Bills Answers from Govt Depts. Amendments Committee Lists Written Ministerial Statements Commons Amendments Government Amendments to Bills Divisions PQs in The Minute Text Hansard Reporting Suite (MS Word) PIMS Table Office PIMS HOC Division Scanning System HOL Division Scanning System E-Tabling System Microsoft Word Framemaker

11 Corporate Services e nterprise ICT Direct IT Services Procedural Services Knowledge Services Network VPN, Citrix PC, Laptops, Printers, MS Desktop, Telecoms, Support Framemaker Hansard MS template Web Apps SOA PIMS, Lexis Nexis Website PAD Archibus Access Control Agresso Website

12 e nterprise ICT what ….

13 … owned by both Houses One central service….. P I C T

14 Aim to attain best practice in delivery, support and exploitation of ICT in Parliament

15 introduce e nterprise-wide ICT design based on “one version of the truth” de-duplication, joining up systems separating text from the presentation rationalised configuration of core systems Improve basic systems

16 develop IT skills – BCS competency bring in temp. expertise, transfer skills individual development plans departmental development plan Establish skilled internal capacity

17 standard processes = ITIL integrated project management toolkit  includes business process tools  includes change management tools benchmark measures for performance Establish “best practice”:

18 e nterprise ICT making the change …?

19 Organisational Change Cycle MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP ALIGNMENT Monitor Performance Measure what you have done Allocate resource Create the right skills Model new systems structures, processes, responsibilities Establish Roadmap for change Develop programme of work Set key objectives State key things for the organisation to achieve Establish core values Set expectation about the ways to behave Vision & purpose State clearly what the organisation is for

20 The Plan Priorities: establish what needs to happen first VISION, VALUES & GOALS PICT Governance established: JBSB PICT Forum PICT Board Performance Board Programme Board Legislation Governance Values & Culture Structure Development Skills Gap IiP accredited People Business plan 2006/2007 Business plan 2007/2008 Identify what to do first: Develop Programme toolkit CSII: Improve customer service CSII2: Improve service response Improve PICT internal processes Design Architecture CSII3 – ITIL, Change Control Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Internet Strategy for Members’ services Inventory Procurement 24/7 Support Lords Minute Zero Base Budget Forward Plan KPI Dashboards Benchmarking SLAs Action & Risk logs Performance Planning

21 Applications Strategy

22 Infrastructure Strategy

23 Data Strategy

24 Using clearly defined frameworks Programme and Project teams framework

25 e nterprise ICT …and what achieved?

26 Established the PICT organisation Governance, budget, organisational structure day 1, accommodation, change transition project, improvements in skills of workforce Established a strategy Quick wins, Longer term ambitions Established objectives and priorities service desk response, fix times, strategic programme Established skills development programme performance

27 Parliamentary ICT – Governance Model Unique Joint House Structure HoC Audit Committee HoL Audit Committee Commission Administration Committee HoC M’ment Board Information Committee HoL M’ment Board PICT Board House Committee MEC APMA Technology Operations & Members Services Resources, strategy and planning JBSB Programmes & business development

28 Aiming for best practice Accreditations:  Investors in People, June 06  Institute of IT Trainers, June 07  Institute of Helpdesks, Sept 07 Independent benchmark measures

29 2006/2007 Institute of IT Trainers Accreditation Independent Benchmark measures …

30 AreaScore Leadership3.73 Policy and Strategy4 People and Management3.45 Resources2.44 Processes and Procedures2.33 People Satisfaction3 Customer Satisfaction3.14 Performance Results2.35 2007 Help Desk Institute Accreditation Overall score of 2.95 out of 4 Independent Benchmark measures …

31 ICT in Parliament: organizational challenges Joan Miller, Director of Parliamentary ICT

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