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GETTING TO “ZERO” ARC OCTOBER 1 2014. WHAT I WON’T COVER The sharing economy The circular economy Cradle-to-cradle Biomimicry.

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2 WHAT I WON’T COVER The sharing economy The circular economy Cradle-to-cradle Biomimicry

3 WHAT I WILL COVER What is zero waste? Why businesses have the biggest impact What local governments can do to promote zero waste


5 ZERO WASTE = ? Many definitions None widely accepted Zero = zero (literally) or Zero waste to disposal or Less waste in the overall ecosystem?


7 WHY LESS IN 1996? Avoiding the curb via backyard composting & grasscycling Lightweighting Reuse


9 WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN: 2010: 250.5 million tons (actual) 2010: +8.1 million tons (population) 2010: +77.0 million tons (previous decades)

10 ZW: BUSINESSES Smart capitalism “Cost” becomes an “asset”

11 ZW: COMPANIES: 2013 Kroger Honeywell System Sensor MillerCoors General Mills Subaru General Motors AB InBev Dell Unilever Proctor & Gamble Ford Volvo Toyota Bridgestone Southern Tier Brewing Walmart NY State Legislature Kona Brewing

12 ZW: SUBSTANCE: 2013 Increase diversion to 65% by 2013 Defect rate down by 80% No waste to landfill Donated food waste…decreased overall generation by 40% Auto production plant landfill free Zero waste to landfill at 116 facilities, 45 in North America Reduce packaging use by 100,000 tons annually by 2017 Waste-free packaging by 2020 Reduced waste by one million household bins Zero waste to landfills at 45 factories Five year plan to reduce waste by 40% per vehicle Zero waste to landfill 95% reduction in waste to landfills all North American plants, averaged over 3 years Two tire manufacturing plants zero waste to landfill Spent brewery grains to animal feed instead of landfill 80 percent waste reduction, increase use of recycled plastic Publish bills electronically, not on paper 11% lighter glass beer bottles

13 ZW COMPANIES: 2014 Dr Pepper Nestles SC Johnson Unilever Dove Body Wash Hormel New York State EasyJet Original Unvertpackt Franz Bakery Eaton Phoenix Open (WM) Sidel Southwest Airlines Kimberly Clark GM Hanson American Anthropology Association

14 ZW SUBSTANCE 2014 “Lightest 2-liter bottle in the industry” Reduced 44% of waste per ton of product since 2010 Reduced global manufacturing waste by 62 as a ratio to production. 200 sites now zero waste to landfill (>75%) 15% less plastic (will share new technology) Cut packaging by 4.72 million pounds: 37 packaging reduction projects Agencies cut paper use by 43%, save $11.1 million in four years Paperless airplane Waste-free supermarket 98% landfill free 39 manufacturing facilities landfill free 100% landfill free through recycling, composting, energy from waste Plastic beer bottle with standard “champagne” base Upcycle used leather seat coverings into new products Club KC: circular economy: collect recyclable fibre in exchange for finished products Composting food waste from cafeterias at global HQ Supplier of heavy building materials cut landfill waste by 35.3% Paper-free review process

15 ZW & ORGANICS Edible food Animal feed

16 ZW: LOCAL GOVERNMENT Resolutions Plans More diversion or less consumption?

17 THE EVOLVING TON Less paper More plastic More flexible packaging Smaller, lighter electronics More organics as a percentage



20 SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS MANAGEMENT “Materials management is an approach to serving human needs by using/reusing resources most productively and sustainably throughout their life cycles, generally minimizing the amount of materials involved and all the associated environmental impacts.”

21 SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS MANAGEMENT Is recycling the ultimate goal? or Less overall waste in the ecosystem?


23 WHY THE CHANGE Flexible Film Pouches & Packaging Flexible Packaging Association

24 FUTURE: ZERO WASTE Less waste? Less disposal? Evolving material mix Continued zero waste by industry

25 FOR MORE INFORMATION : Chaz Miller 202-364-3742 25

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