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ERIN MILLER, ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD May 17, 2012 Solid Waste Advisory Council Meeting.

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1 ERIN MILLER, ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARD May 17, 2012 Solid Waste Advisory Council Meeting

2 Columbus Residential Recycling Benefits Preserves environment Residents want it Creates and retains jobs and saves on tipping fees Positions region for more efficient program

3 What Happens to Recyclables? Regional Benefits 80% marketed within 150 miles  IH Schlezinger (steel)  Rock-Tenn Paper (fiber) Job creation at all levels Economic development Resources waiting to be recovered from the waste stream

4 Columbus’ Residential Recycling Program It’s Affordable & Cost-effective The more Columbus recycles, the more it saves Program costs offset by $13-$15 million savings in tipping fees over 5 years One-third of 1% of city budget Total: $1.44 / house / month * without taking into account tipping fee savings

5 How will we maximize participation? Make it Easy & Convenient Recycling carts delivered to households Educational campaign to increase participation

6 City Benchmarking Cities Using Carts National Average lbs/cart/year = 450/500 lbs. Grove City - 351 lbs. Westerville – 493 lbs. Hilliard – 398 lbs. New Albany – 555 lbs. National Average lbs/house/year = 340/350 lbs. Cincinnati – 396 lbs. Dublin – 840 lbs. Toledo – 421 lbs. Phoenix – 567 lbs. Cities Using Bins Communities that use carts get 30-40% more material.

7 Program Design – A Best Practice Two years of study and analysis, public surveyed, competitively bid Collection – Rumpke: 227,000 homes Alternating, every other week recycling and yard waste  Recycling pick-up at alley or at curb, consistent with location of refuse collection  No direct fee to residents  Adds to program efficiency  Limits truck trips through neighborhoods and related emissions Trash collection remains unchanged

8 Citywide Survey Shows Popularity of Residential Recycling Paper Survey  501 surveys returned (50% response rate) Online Survey  4,250+ responses Responses from all over city

9 Survey Results Recycling pick-up preference  Every week: 37%  Every two weeks/ monthly – 63% Yard waste pick-up preference  Every week: 20%  Every two weeks/ monthly: 53% Cart preference  73% want cart

10 Program Design – A Best Practice 64 gallon blue carts for recyclables  Wheels and lid  No charge for cart - a second or replacement can be purchased  Yard waste: No Changes Acceptable materials  Paper, plastic bottles, glass containers, steel and aluminum cans, milk cartons and juice boxes  All recyclables in one cart Drop boxes – 200+  Relocate for increased convenience

11 Program Begins Spring 2012 Carts will be dropped off 4-6 weeks prior to service 12 months with 5 phases  Phase One: Monday – June 45,662 homes  Phase Two: Tuesday – July 65,000 homes  Phase Three: Wed – October21,000 homes  Phase Four: Thurs – December36,000 homes  Phase Five: Fri – February 201348,000 homes Yard waste and subscription recycling services continue until new services begin

12 Implementation Schedule

13 Community Feedback Recycling Cart Adoption – Phase 1 311 Call Center Inquiries

14 RecyColumbus Campaign Development 1. Contract with Murphy Epson, Curbside Value Partnership 2. Developed Key Messages and Communication Plan 3. F.A.Q 4. Logo and design standards 5. Developed website and marketing

15 RecyColumbus Outreach Recycling Ambassadors 6 0 trained volunteers Over 34 ppt given to community groups at 10 events (segway and toss game) Media (paid and free) 1,000 30 second TV broadcast May 28-Aug 19 Local newspaper ads Displays (libraries and recreation centers) Social Media, press events and interviews House by House Automated Calls Doorhangers Cart Materials (magnet, brochure, letter, IML)

16 RecyColumbus Campaign Development


18 Regional Collaboration Early 2011 began actively pursuing shared services 10 jurisdictions mayors-city managers working group Smaller team formed (Hilliard, Dublin, New Albany, Columbus) to explore steps and challenges of moving towards a broader regional recycling service. Recycling one aluminum can save enough to power a TV for 3 hours

19 Regional Collaboration cont. Cooperative Procurement Language in Contracts Toter (carts)- $37.45 / 64 gallon blue cart Rumpke (collection)- Negotiate price of yard waste and recycling collection based on Columbus pricing (approx $1.02 recycling and $1.14 yard waste – per house per month: every other week)

20 Rumpke Proposal Reduced Collection Costs Zero processing costs, applied value of recyclables Alternating to every-other-week collection Adding residential recycling service Utilizing the same collection vehicle to maximize the collection potential of each truck (both services: yard waste & recycling)

21 Thank You Erin Miller, Environmental Steward City of Columbus, Office of Mayor Coleman 614-645-0815

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