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Modesto Bank Project Systems Analysis & Design By: Brandon Miller, Wenjie Li, Jae-Eun (Jane) Russell, & Subathra Aravamudhan.

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1 Modesto Bank Project Systems Analysis & Design By: Brandon Miller, Wenjie Li, Jae-Eun (Jane) Russell, & Subathra Aravamudhan

2 A little bit about us Brandon Wenjie Jane Subathra

3 Project Background We were to imagine that we were experienced consultants asked to develop a banking system Professor Burer acted as the “client” Project began on 2/4/03

4 Project Background: Time Table Divided into 4 milestones (stages): Milestone 1: Plan  Due 2/18/03 Milestone 2: Analyze  Due 3/11/03 Milestone 3: Design  Due 4/15/03 Milestone 4: Implement  Due 5/8/03

5 Milestone 1: Requirements Completed in 17.5 hours Create a System Request Draw up an Executive Summary Design a Work Plan Create Project Charter Create a Risk Analysis Prepare Economic Feasibility Analysis Design an Internal Project Website

6 Milestone 1: System Request Page 5 of Project Documentation Sections Business Need Functionality & Scope Expected Value Special Issues & Constraints

7 System Request: Business Need To increase efficiency and customer service through the development of a user-friendly, web-based banking information system, which will: Allow for maintenance of a centralized database for the managers of Modesto Bank Function through an interactive user-friendly website with entry, update, add, and delete options Deliver the most recent product information to all managers and officers of Modesto Bank via the internet

8 System Request: Functionality & Scope The system (website & database) will have the following functionalities: Equipped to handle four different types of products, namely: Money market products. Credit card products. Mortgage products. Certificate of deposit products. Enabled to allow the bank managers to make changes in the products. Permits multiple users to be able to access the database at any given time Secured website interface that will allow easy navigation of various parts of the site after confirming the login ID and password. Update/add/delete functionalities to edit the fields in the database to allow for the most recent information about the products.

9 System Request: Expected Value Tangible: Increased customer service by being able to provide the customer with the most up-to-date information. Rates will be updated in the timeliest fashion. Reduction of paper by not having to print and distribute weekly product rate specification sheets Intangible: Recognition of Modesto Bank as a forerunner for incorporating information technology in their central database. Increased work efficiency among managers and other top officials Less possibility for distortion of product information among the various branches of the bank and the central bank.

10 Executive Summary Page 7 of the Project Documentation Mission Statement: The mission of this project is to provide the highest quality of information and support in promoting sensitive information transfer among the various managers through the internet of the Modesto Bank.

11 Executive Summary Goals Login and security standards A login and password prompt would be built in the “To be” system to help ensure the security of the site Only certain managers are allowed to update the fields If time permits, the team will use cookies for session security

12 Executive Summary Goals Table Standards: All the tables would be normalized up to the third normal form All the products have fields that can be updated by some of the senior managers of the bank. Products may also be added. The tables do not give permission for any fields in the various products to be deleted

13 Executive Summary Goals Website Standards: A easily navigable and user-friendly website would be developed The site would be empowered to carry on the querying and reporting capabilities. The site would be enabled to grow with the company’s expansion.

14 Work Plan Page 9 of Project Documentation

15 Project Charter Page 10 & 11 of Project Documentation Describes the project’s rules and guidelines that all team members should comply with. Purpose is to coordinate group members; match team members’ skills with the project need; and minimize conflicts, misunderstanding, and problems between members as the project progresses.

16 Project Charter

17 RoleDescriptionAssigned To Project ManagerOversees the project and ensures that it meets its objective in time, function, and cost according to the project plan Brandon Miller Business AnalystEnsures the system will provide the business with value and meet the business’s requirements Brandon Miller, Wenjie Li, Aravamudhan Subathra System AnalystDesign the information system and ensure the system conforms to information systems standards Wenjie Li, Jane Russell Web Site CoordinatorDesign the project websiteBrandon Miller, Jane Russell Formal Liaison with Client Communicate and negotiate with the client Aravamudhan Subathra Official Team SecretaryCreate team meeting agenda and coordinates the team members Aravamudhan Subathra

18 Risk Analysis Pages 12 – 14 in Documentation Risk Analysis reveals important problems that may naturally occur during the course of the project. Risk management involves risk identification, impact analysis, risk monitoring, and control.

19 Risk Analysis Identified Risks (descending order of severity ): Schedule conflict among project members Incorrect initial project effort estimate Shortfalls in externally furnished Data (data given by the bank) Continuing stream of requirement changes Personnel Shortfalls Developing the wrong functions and properties Poor system maintainability.

20 Economic Feasibility Analysis

21 Internal Project Website Used to track progress of development Maintains listing of communications with the client Click link to go to it

22 Milestone 2: Requirements Completed in 15 hours Interview the client (Sam) Create a Requirements Specification Prepare the ERD in Visio

23 Client Interview Took place on Tuesday, March 4 th Top-down Questioning Gained an understanding of the to-be system All members present

24 Interview yields Old Process Model Page 18 of Documentation

25 Interview yields New Process Model Page 19 of Documentation

26 Requirements Specification Page 16 of Project Documentation Salient Features of the New System: The system will satisfy the increased need for high speed & efficient information transfer among the different branches of the Modesto Bank The system will be enabled to allow multiple people to view different fields of the products at the same time. Even though the system will allow multiple users, only a few of the senior managers will be given higher privileges like updating and adding data in the fields. Any change in the database will immediately be reflected on the website. Easy navigation throughout the site to different products offered by the bank.

27 Original ERD

28 Revised ERD Page 22 of Documentation Product tables unrelated

29 ERD: Example Table The Credit Card Products will include the following fields that can be adjusted and viewed by the managers of the Modesto Bank: Product ID*- The field used to uniquely identify the products. Type –The different types of credit cards offered by the bank, which include the Classic, Student and Platinum cards. APR- The annual percentage rate charged for balance on the cards. Maximum Credit Limit- The maximum credit limit offered on the different products. Eligible for Rewards Program (Boolean) - Expresses whether the card is eligible for the rewards program. Initial Offering – The date the product becomes available. Expiration Date – The date of expiration on the product card.

30 ERD: User Tables The Access Rights table includes the following features: Rights_ID*- The field used to uniquely identify the right. Add – Right for adding data (It indicates with y/n) Update – Right for updating data (It indicates with y/n). View – right for viewing data (It indicates with y/n). The Users table includes the following adjustable features: Username*- The field used to uniquely identify the users. Password – The field entered by each user First_name – Users’ first name Last_name – Users’ last name Department – Users’ department Position – Users’ position Rights_ID – The field that is defined rights for each user.

31 Milestone 3: Requirements Completed in 32 hours Implement our ERD in MySQL Make Program Specifications Design an HTML Prototype

32 ERD Implementation Done using phpAdmin for MySQL See the interface by clicking

33 Program Specifications Example 1.Insert a new mortgage product SQL Command: INSERT INTO `mortgage` ( `ProductID`, `MG_Fixed`, `MG_Duration`, `MG_Apr`, `MG_Point`, `MG_OriginationFee`, `MG_MinPayment`, `MG_MaxAmount`, `MG_Offering`, `MG_Expiration` ) VALUES ('', 'n', '5', '4.895', '0.00', '0.00', '5', '500000', '2003- 04-01 00:00:00', '2005-04-01 00:00:00');

34 Program Specifications Example 2.Update the expiration date of an existing money market product. SQL Command: UPDATE moneymarket SET MM_Expiration = "2006-04-01" WHERE ProductID = "4"

35 HTML Prototype Completed in about 16 hours Sized to be printer-friendly

36 Milestone 4: Requirements Completed in 25 hours Program the site Test the site

37 The Final Product Lets go to the site Lets go to the site 

38 Testing Documentation Pages 32 - 47 of Documentation Conducted: 1.Black box testing (testing against requirements) 2.White box testing (testing of coding) 3.User interface testing 4.Use scenario testing 5.Security testing

39 Problems Having the database down for 6 days during the implementation stage Learning curve for new technology – none of us knew asp.Net; most hadn’t used MySQL Formatting the update text boxes in asp.Net

40 Where We Could Improve Allow more time for implementation stage….or not have the database server go down for 6 days Add more documentation to the site so that future programmers could read our code Consider using a less constraining design; one that allows for wider tables.

41 Additional Functions that Could be Added 1. Security. In the current system, even if a user should login with an appropriate username and password in order to get into the bank intranet site, the site is not completely secure. For instance, if a user copies and pastes the url of one of the manager pages, she/he can go to the same page without login. This problem should be prevented with using cookies or session variables. 2. Data validation In the current system there is data validation for numeric and date fields for all adding pages, but not for the updating pages. Data validation should be added throughout for all the updating pages in case a user makes a mistake during the updating process.

42 Additional Functions that Could be Added 3. Page Index Function If there is the page index function in the table view page, the search from dropdown menu does not behave appropriately. For instance, when a user views the all product and goes to the second page, a user can not select any other options from dropdown box. With this problem, the page index function was removed from the current system. 4. Sort Function For the column-by sort function, we had to select the exact same table column names as the database. If we named the column name differently for user friendly purpose, the column-by sort does not function appropriately.

43 What We Learned Increased our cooperation & communication skills Learned or at least advanced all of our knowledge of asp.Net and MySQL databases Increased project management & time management skills

44 Any Questions or Comments? Thanks for listening

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