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Threaded Case Study on RE Miller By Aidan Coleman Paul Guilfoyle.

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1 Threaded Case Study on RE Miller By Aidan Coleman Paul Guilfoyle

2 Presentation Outline Objective User Requirements LAN/WAN Design Considerations Servers/Internet Access ACL’s Equipment List Advantages / Disadvantages

3 Objective The Washington School District is designing a district wide computer network for the purpose of providing online automation of administrative and curricular functions between all of the schools and administrative offices in the network. The LAN/WAN design will need to meet the requirements of growth, functionality, security and cost.

4 User Requirements Network Functional Life: 7-10 years Anticipated Growth: LAN - 100 times WAN - 2 times District Internet Connectivity – 10 times Speed: To workstations - 1 Mbps To Servers- 100 Mbps Protocols: TCP/IP Internet Access: Frame Relay

5 LAN Requirements LAN Infrastructure – Two LAN’s LAN infrastructure based on Ethernet LAN switching. 1.0 Mbs will be provided to any host and 100 Mbs to any server host Will use Extended Star Topology

6 Classroom Requirements 24 Student workstations 1 Teacher’s workstation Lockable Closet for patch panel and hubs 4 Cat 5 UTP drops to each classroom from MDF/IDF

7 Servers Enterprise Servers for Master DNS Administrative Database Email /Internet Server File/Print Server Workgroup Servers for Administration Server Library Server Application Server’s


9 Wiring Scheme The Richard E. Miller campus consists of four permanent buildings and seven portable classroom buildings.We will have one MDF and three IDF’s. The MDF and POP are located in the Multi- Purpose Building Fiber optic cable will connect each IDF to the MDF. Four Cat5 UTP cable runs to each room to support 24 student computers and 1 teacher computer.



12 Addressing Class C Address in District Office Require 250 Addresses for Students and 75 for teachers/administration Static Addressing for Teachers/Admin Dynamic for Students (using DHCP) Use NAT for internal addressing

13 Addressing cont’d Assume RE Millers is We use Network Address Translation to convert for the internal addresses Use Class A Addresses Internally

14 Security Access from Internet is denied, using access lists Unauthorised addresses will be prohibited Separate VLAN’s for students,teachers and administration

15 Security cont’d Will use Access Control Lists to secure site from external access – Apply to Router Interface connecting to WAN ACL’s to allow staff perform certain tasks e.g Allow IT team to telnet Access-list 101 permit telnet eq 23 Also use ACL’s to deny students access to unauthorised websites – Apply to Router Interfaces connecting to LAN

16 Equipment Required DetailsQuantity Router 1 48 Port Switch4 24 Port Switch2 8 Port Hubs120 Fiber1,400 ft CAT520,000 ft

17 Advantages Room for future growth in LAN and WAN Hubs can be replaced by switches to increase bandwidth Enhanced seurity through use of both VLANs and ACL’s

18 Disadvantages No redundancy in cable layout Possible areas for traffic congestion DIFFICULT ASSIGNMENT

19 References SCO CaseStudy%5Cciscothreadedcasestudy.ppt O/TCS.html

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