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MILLER CYCLE Prof. Timothy Marbach ME258 Advanced Thermodynamics

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1 MILLER CYCLE Prof. Timothy Marbach ME258 Advanced Thermodynamics
Ostap Loredo- Contreras Fall 2012

2 Miller Cycle Background
The Miller cycle was patented by Ralph Miller, an American engineer, US patent dated Dec 24, 1957. The engine may be two stroke or four stroke and may be run on diesel fuel, gas fuel or dual fuel. Mazda is the only known manufacturer that successfully produced a Miller cycle engine from on a Mazda Millenia 2.3lts V6, and currently in Japan 1.3 lts Mazda 2. Other Manufactures such as Subaru are nowadays working on prototype engines(Subaru B5-THP).

3 Miller Cycle Highlights
Intake valves closing is delayed and part of the air goes back into the intake manifold. Expansion ratio is increased without increasing compression ratio by changing the shape of the piston. Excellent output power and specific power. Thermal Efficiency improves without risk of knocking, and pumping losses. Actual compression stroke occurs in the latter 70% to 80% of the compression stroke NOx reduction.

4 Miller Cycle

5 Miller Cycle

6 Miller Cycle 0–1 is an isobaric process. 1–1 Intake blowback.
1a–2a is an isentropic compression process. 2a–3a is an isochoric heating process. 2a–3a-4a combustion and expansion process. 3a-4a Isentropic expansion. 4a-1 Constant volume heat rejection 1-0 Constant pressure exhaust process

7 Miller cycle

8 Miller Cycle

9 Miller Cycle 2.3 Liter V6 Miller Cycle Engine Size 2255 cc/2.3 L
Horsepower 210 hp 5300 rpm Torque 210 lb·ft 3500 rpm 20 mpg-US (12 L/100 km; 24 mpg-imp)/28 mpg-US (8.4 L/100 km; 34 mpg-imp)/23 mpg-US (10 L/100 km; 28 mpg-imp)

10 REFERENCES 1.-Dante Giacossa Endothermic Engines (Motori Endotermici), Imprenta Juvenil,S.A. –Maracaibo, Barcelona, Espaňa. 2.- 3.- Hatamura, K. and Hayakawa, M.: A study of the improvement effect of Miller-cycle on mean effective pressure limit for high-pressure supercharged gasoline engines, JSAE Review 18, 1997. 4.-Sieber. H, Weisser U. Holrler H, and Boulouchos, K; resduction NOX emissions of DI Diesel Engine by Application of the Miller-System: An Experimental and Numkericla Investigation. SAE paper No , SAE Special publications, 1996 p Fukuzawa Y..Shimoda H, Kahuhama Y., Endo, H, and Tabaka, K, Development of high Efficiency Miller Cycle Gas Engine, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Technical Review Vol. 38 No3(Oct. 2001). P 6.- Anderson. M. Assanis D. and Filipi Z., First and Second Alw Analysis of a Naturally-Aspirated, Miller Cycle, SI engine with late intake Valve Closure, SAE Technical Paper Series , International Congress and Expositions Detroit Michigan February 23-26,1998, p.1-16.

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