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Dr. James W. Miller Western Michigan University President

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1 Dr. James W. Miller Western Michigan University President
Miller’s Family Western Michigan University President Born April 7, 1913 in Brockton Massachusetts Has a wife named Jane and three children See Resource Page

2 Schooling/Study Graduated from Amherst College in 1935: earned his bachelor of arts degree. Study in Germany and England for two years. Graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1938: earned his master of arts degree. Ten years later earned his Ph. D. Clip Art:

3 The 1940’s He was a teaching assistant at Minnesota.
Miller’s Home He was a teaching assistant at Minnesota. He joined the political science faculty at Michigan State University In 1942, he enlisted in the United State Coast Guard. In 1946, he became an officer See Resource Page

4 The 1950’s and 1960’s In 1953, he became a full professor of political science. In 1955, Governor G. Mennen Williams appointed Miller State Controller *His responsibilities included: = Preparing the entire state budget =Directing state, purchasing, properties, buildings, and office services. Miller left State government to become Secretary to Michigan State University board of trustee. Western Michigan University searched for a new president. The second president Sangren retired.

5 A NEW PRESIDENT !!!!!! Myron, L. Coulter (center), President James Miller (right) and President John Bernhard (left) September 29, 1960 the board announced Miller as Western Michigan University’s “Third President.” See Resource Page

6 How Miller Changed WMU Clip Art:
He enrolled more students, but still keep the education at high quality standards. He increased the size of WMU acres from 387 to 513. He started building more residence halls. The first was Bigelow Hall in 1961. Each of the next four years brought new residence halls. In 1971, the number of students enrolled was more than they could handle, so Miller decided that students could live off campus, but still attend school. Clip Art:

7 Put Kalamazoo on the Map !!
Huge Glove in Miller Auditorium WMU already had a University Auditorium In 1971, WMU renamed it to James W. Miller Auditorium The Auditorium put Kalamazoo on the map because the world’s finest artists and performers came to this auditorium to perform. See Resource Page

8 Remodeled for the Better
Clip Art: The Auditorium was remodeled with: 3,550 Seats State of Art Lighting Larger Stage A Sound System Clip Art:

9 Overview of Miller Dr. James W. Miller became the “Third President” of Western Michigan University. He changed WMU in many ways for the better (enrollment, more building, live off campus and a remodeled auditorium). Auditorium was renamed after him. He was in term for “13 years” as President.

10 The Big Question Can You Remember?
What year did the board of Western Michigan University appoint James W. Miller as the third president? 1955 1960 1965 Clip Art:

11 Wrong Answer Oh….You Are Way Off !!!! Click here to return to question
Clip Art:

12 Wrong Answer TOO BAD…You Thought You Were Right, BUT Think Again !!!
Click here to return to question          examples/glascote.jpg

13 Correct Answer Congratulations !!!! You Hit The JACK POT !!!!!
Click here to see my resource page seasonal.htm

14 Resources Some pictures are from clip art.
seasonal.htm examples/glascote.jpg Some pictures on slides one, three, five, and seven are from: Massie, Larry. Brown and Golden Memories: WMU’s First Century: Centennial Celebrations: All information is in this book. Click here to see my bio page

15 Bio Slide Created by: Kendi Creisher I am twenty-three years old.
I am a senior at Western Michigan University. Major: Elementary Education with an Early Childhood Endorsement. Minor: Physical Education also Math and Science. Click here to start again

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