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S.w. asia and n. Africa Geography

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1 S.w. asia and n. Africa Geography
Quiz Results and Review

2 Materials Notebook paper with heading in the upper-right corner
Quiz answer sheets Pen/Pencil Colored pen/pencil, if desired Composition Books Geography handouts

3 Bell-Ringer On your sheet of notebook paper with your heading in the upper-right corner, answer the following questions (you do not need to write the question) What did you do over the weekend on your research project? What do you still need to do to complete it? Note that “you” means “you”, it does not mean “your group”

4 Objective Describe characteristics of the geography of SW Asia and N Africa

5 Map Questions What two bodies of water mark the boundaries of the Fertile Crescent? Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf (answer choice C) Between what latitudes does Mesopotamia lie? Between about 30° N and 40° N (answer choice D) Where was the port city of Ur located about 5000 BC? On the Persian Gulf (answer choice C)

6 Chart Questions What season is the driest in all three cities? (Cairo, Tunis and Beirut) Summer (answer choice B) What are the four highest months for precipitation in Beirut, ranked in order of total rainfall? January, December, February, November (answer choice B) Which statement most accurately summarizes the precipitation pattern in these three cities? The cities have dry summers and rainy winters (answer choice D)

7 General Questions (7 – 10) What word best describes the climate of this region? Arid (answer choice A) What are the two important rivers in Mesopotamia? Euphrates and Tigris (answer choice D) Which of these world record holders is located in the region of Southwest Asia and North Africa? Longest river (Nile) (answer choice C) What is the name for flat land located near a river that floods? Alluvial plain (answer choice A)

8 General Questions (11 – 14) What is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula? Saudi Arabia (answer choice B) What words describe the climate of the Sahara Hot and dry (answer choice C) What made the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers so fertile? Silt deposited by flooding rivers (answer choice D) Why is the Arabian Peninsula important to other countries around the world? Petroleum reserves (answer choice D)

9 General Questions (15) Which statement is true?
The Nile’s predictable floods allowed agriculture to flourish (answer choice D)

10 Additional questions What is the most common geographic feature of SW Asia and N Africa? How do natural resources affect the economies of the region? Where is the Suez Canal? Why is there a Suez Canal? What physical features of the Nile restricted the spread of Egypt’s influence to the south?

11 Reminders The research part of your project needs to be finished this week so that it can be turned over to the writers

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