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Chapter 9 The Americas: A Separate World Study Guide

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1 Chapter 9 The Americas: A Separate World Study Guide

2 Chapter 9, Lesson 1 How did the first people of the Americas support themselves? Define Beringia. What 2 continents did it connect? Define maize. Reason most archaeologists think the first people crossed Beringia Effects of agriculture on early societies Name of present-day land archaeologists believe first Americans built an advanced civilization

3 Chapter 9, Lesson 2 Location of Mesoamerica; advantage of its geography What are the 2 Mesoamerican civilizations? Importance of Monte Albán Civilization that lived in the Oaxaca Valley Civilization known for sculpting monumental heads from stone Important aspects of Olmec civilization; importance of trade for them

4 Chapter 9, Lesson 2 (continued)
Where have archaeologists obtained most information about Olmecs? What was the Great Pyramid of La Venta? Define “mother culture”

5 Chapter 9, Lesson 3 According to archaeologists, what role did Chavín sites play in their culture? Where were the first advanced civilizations in South America established? Where were the Nazca lines created? What formed the basis of Chavín influence over other early American cultures? What have archaeologists learned about the Moche civilization?

6 Chapter 9, Lesson 3 How were the Nazca able to farm the land they lived on? What did the first inhabitants of South America rely on for their survival? Which civilization(s) created the ancient irrigation systems in the Andes? Why was the Chavín civilization important to Peru? Which civilization was the “mother culture” for South America?

7 Extended Response Questions
Choose one of the ancient American civilizations. What were its main characteristics and accomplishments? Think about: Its government and relationships Its buildings and cities Its learning and art What were some of the chief threats to the survival of ancient American peoples? Interaction with nature Environmental conditions Other civilizations

8 Extended Response Questions
What role did art serve for the ancient peoples of the Americas? Think about: Art as symbols Art as jewelry Art as a trade good What were some of the achievements of the ancient civilizations of the Americas, and how did these achievements influence later civilizations? Type of organization Urban centers Art and religious symbols

9 Extended Response Questions
How were the Chavín and the Olmec alike and different? Discuss them in terms of their civilizations and their influence on their regions. Where in the Americas did the first American civilizations develop? Why might that have been a good place for a civilization to flourish? Support your answer with details from the text.

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