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Music 1010 – Musician Paper – by Kellie Tyrrell.  Born in 1977  Family valued music  Family rule that everyone must play an instrument that existed.

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1 Music 1010 – Musician Paper – by Kellie Tyrrell

2  Born in 1977  Family valued music  Family rule that everyone must play an instrument that existed before the 1800’s  Nelson first chose the violin  This did not end up being the instrument for him  Dad brought home the Cello  Hurray!!!!  Nelson credits his parents for where he is today  Obtained music degree from the University of Utah

3  Nelson combines traditional cello techniques with a technique called “cello percussion:  He utilizes a recording devices he can control with his feet so he is able to accompany himself.  He continues to explore the sounds and capabilities of the cello – wood and electric

4  Nelson has performed with many different artists and has recorded on over 100 different albums  “Sacred Cello (2006)” (album cover shown) was Nelson’s first solo album  This was followed by “Tender Mercies (2008)” and “Christmas Cello (2010):

5  Most recently, Nelson has partnered with the Piano Guys  Working closely with Jon Schmidt, Nelson and the Piano Guys have created some internet sensations  The Piano Guys has a Youtube subscription channel which showcases Nelson’s latest releases as well as his collaborations with Jon Schmidt

6  Nelson teamed up with Marshall McDonald to write two symphonies (to date)  “Spanish Trail (2006)”  “Africa (2008)”  Flyer for “Africa” shown  The Orchestra of Southern Utah was filmed playing “Africa” for a podcast which became the number one classical podcast with over 30 million downloads

7  “Tender Mercies” is extracted from the symphony “Africa”  Nelson feels this is the most emotional piece of the symphony  It highlights the experiences of hardships giving the perspective to enjoy life more Tender Mercies (Youtube)

8 Listening Guide – Tender Mercies “Tender Mercies” 7:00 minutes 0:00 – Intro, the basses open the piece playing a low sustained note. 0:11 – Strings enter playing melody 0:31 – Lead cello takes over the melody with the orchestra accompaniment 0:39 – Clarinet mimics cello 1:18 – Lead cello once again takes melody will full orchestra repeating earlier phrase 2:33 – strings take the melody – I almost think I hear vocals soft in the background, it could be the basses or cellos humming 2:42 – lead cello 2:56 – chimes introduce a new section and a high piccolo soars above while low flute and clarinet provide a counterpoint – provides a brightness to the music making it more optimistic. 3:59 – piccolo takes melody 4:10 - strings echo melody played by piccolo 4:19 – piccolo again soars weaving through the strings seeming to give a hopeful note to the music. 5:06 – piccolo and orchestra build to a crescendo piccolo continues to weave melody through the strings. 6:18 – strings take the thread of music and hand off to the clarinet 6:44 – piccolo slowly fades out while strings extend beyond and then slowly drift off.

9  Moonlight was inspired by “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven  Nelson used 2 5- string electric cellos and the acoustic cello to give this piece “a unique feel and a high level of emotion”  Can you hear the other melody snagged from a different Beethoven piece? Moonlight (Youtube)

10 Listening Guide - Moonlight “Moonlight” 4:00 (Youtube version) [actual music length 3:40] I used the Youtube version because the time track did not work on the iTunes version I purchased. 0:00 – intro is wind sound giving a feeling of desolation 0:09 – Verse 1 cello begins melody strings are plucked (pizzicato) - beat is put in loop and is repeated 0:29 – piano enters with a flourish and beat is created by hitting the bow across the strings – beat continues 0:45 – a cello being bowed picks up the melody 1:06 – Verse 2 begins with an electric cello percussion set starting with one cello, a second electric cello enters and then a third electric cello is added in a mix of cello percussion and string plucking 1:22 – a fourth cello, wood being bowed, is added to the cello percussion 1:47 – Chorus, drum set, piano, and cellos all together, music builds 2:17 – Verse 3 Music softens with one cello playing then second cello joins 2:34 – the sound of the wind 2:39 – Chorus dramatic downbeat with drums, cellos, and piano all together 3:18 – Bridge piano with cellos 3:33 – synthesized fade out 3:40 - end

11  “Cello Wars” was a result of 6 months of production  Nelson used the recording device to create 72 audio tracks  Nelson co-arranged this piece with Al van der Beek from the original by John Williams  The following themes were used in this arrangement  The Imperial March  Duel of the Fates  May the Force be With You  Star Wars Main Theme  Cantina Band Cello Wars (Youtube)

12 Listening Guide – Cello Wars “Cello Wars” 4:10 (Youtube version) [actual music length 3:40] 0:00 – Jedi Steven and Sith Steven take the stage 0:15 – Jedi Steven begins by creating a beat using his bow against the electric cello 0:33 – Jedi Steven’s light saber is ignited and brandished. 0:37 – first song in medley is started on first cello 0:40 – Sith Steven ignites his light saber 0:45 – Second cello picks up the melody, strings are plucked rather than bowed. 0:53 – 2 nd song in medley is added 1:11 – light saber duel begins 3 rd song in the medley 1:38 – You will hear Chewbacca 1:45 – crescendo to a dramatic flourish which fades 2:00 – Darth Vader breathing 2:06 – Solo accordion playing the Cantina Song to an awkward fade out 2:24 – 4 th song in medley is added 2:54 – all four songs can be heard together 3:18 – the Cantina song is added to the medley 3:35 – Chewbacca again 3:40 – dramatic ending.

13 Acknowledgements  Podcast, The Cricket and Seagull, Tender Mercies  Wiki-pedia  the Piano Guys  Youtube Youtube   

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