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WWW.TOPCODER.COM Enterprise Open Innovation. AGENDA Theme: Community, by Community A little about TopCoder/Appirio Crowdsourcing Contests TopCoder Crowdsourcing.

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1 Enterprise Open Innovation


3 AGENDA Theme: Community, by Community A little about TopCoder/Appirio Crowdsourcing Contests TopCoder Crowdsourcing When Communities Build Communities Contributing to the Asteroids Mission


5 KEY AREAS: IA/UX Design, Development & Algorithms / Analytics Development Assembly Testing Bug Races Architecture Design Concepts User Interface Design Wireframes Storyboards Prototype Marathon Matches Single-Round Match

6 TOPCODER SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT FRONT-END DESIGN & INNOVATION ALGORITHM ANALYTICS Subjective Objective Performance Rigorous Scorecards Decide Winner Client Decides Winner Best solution against pre-determined metrics wins

7 Web & Mobile Apps Websites, E-Commerce Platform & Strategic Assets Legacy System Integration & Cloud Utility Tools Analytics What Customers are Building

8 Lots accomplished with Crowdsourcing: Linux Java Wikipedia fold.It NatGeo – Field Expedition: Mongolia CROWDSOURCING

9 CONTESTS Lots accomplished with Contests: Longitude Contest White House Portico Design Canned food! Lindbergh’s Flight Ansari X-Prize And a few things on TopCoder…

10 SELECT ACADEMIC RESEARCH ON COMMUNITIES Lakhani, Karim, David Garvin, and Eric Lonstein. "Topcoder (a): Developing software through crowdsourcing." Harvard Business School General Management Unit case (2010). Malone, Thomas W., Robert J. Laubacher, and Tammy Johns. "The age of hyperspecialization." Harvard Business Review (2011): Wu, Wenjun, Wei-Tek Tsai, and Wei Li. "An evaluation framework for software crowdsourcing." Frontiers of Computer Science: Archak, Nikolay. "Money, glory and cheap talk: analyzing strategic behavior of contestants in simultaneous crowdsourcing contests on TopCoder. com."Proceedings of the 19th international conference on World wide web. ACM, Begel, Andrew, Jan Bosch, and Margaret-Anne Storey. "Social Networking Meets Software Development: Perspectives from GitHub, MSDN, Stack Exchange, and TopCoder." Software, IEEE 30.1 (2013): Boudreau, Kevin J., Nicola Lacetera, and Karim R. Lakhani. "Incentives and problem uncertainty in innovation contests: An empirical analysis."Management Science 57.5 (2011): Kaganer, Evgeny, et al. "Managing the Human Cloud." MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW 54.2 (2013): Eisenstein, Michael. "Crowdsourced contest identifies best-in-class breast cancer prognostic." Nature biotechnology 31.7 (2013): Boudreau, Kevin J., and Karim R. Lakhani. "How to Manage Outside Innovation." MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW Lakhani, Karim R., et al. "Prize-based contests can provide solutions to computational biology problems." Nature biotechnology 31.2 (2013): Zhang, Yin, and Ruoyu Lu. "The case study on innovation contest modes of Internet companies." Service Systems and Service Management (ICSSSM), th International Conference on. IEEE, academic articles (source: Google Scholar): Google Scholar Nearly two dozen+ patents on crowdsourcing and software development

11 TopCoder Crowdsourcing NASA Tournament Lab MegaBLAST Medicaid! Community Sites CROWDSOURCING WITH CONTESTS

12 TopCoder CROWDSOURCING WITH CONTESTS NASA and Harvard University have established the NASA Tournament Lab (NTL), to leverage the TopCoder community and allow for competitions to create the most innovative, most efficient, and most optimized solutions for specific, real-world challenges being faced by NASA researchers FIT (Food Intake Tracker) iPad Application The application can identify the Astronaut, track all dietary intake (food and beverages), and provide a timestamp of when the food was consumed on space. Pipeline Protection Detection Algorithm A detection algorithm to spot the presence of wheeled vehicles in proximity to a pipeline with the ability to distinguish between a security threat an un-authorized vehicle and a non-threat such as wild-life or a downed tree limb. Planetary Data Systems Web API, iOS and Android Apps Develop and deploy an API to homogenize search results across a federation of PDS nodes. Demonstrate the value of the API with a suite of mobile consumer apps. International Space Station: Solar Panel Alignment Registrants, $30,000 Total The goal of the challenge is to position the solar collectors on the International Space Station to generate as much power as possible during the most difficult orbital positions. NASA Tournament Lab (NTL)


14 TOPCODER CROWDSOURCING Modernizing Medicaid and Medicare Implement with > 130 individual contests Design and build a new single Medicaid module for screening providers for use by all states Single proposal was submitted for RFP for 3 years $120M+ for 80 modules for 1 state Game change outcome for US with $100Ms in savings possible Allows for late-entry stakeholder participation States can engage at any time through conceptualization contests TopCoder analyst competitors review state requirements and wish-lists TopCoder competitors organize results for changes, additions, priorities Stakeholder steering committee can assign requirements to later phases Contests allow all voices to be heard and managed Directly tests HHS Architecture Compliance Specification contests will explore and document requirements “Bug Hunts” will interrogate designs and code for government compliance

15 TOPCODER CROWDSOURCING Portal: Innovation and Cost Savings

16 COMMUNITIES When Communities build Communities The Pilgrims Linux Java Ghost Contribution Communities By WordPress engineers who wanted to focus on Blogs + Part-time devs they trusted + Kickstarter funding!

17 When Communities build Communities (with TopCoder & others) ZeroRobotics Expedition Mongolia Responsive Collaboration Communities Online Collaboration Centers With Infrastructure and Instrumentation For Incentives & Innovation



20 Spherical satellites move with independent control of all six degrees of freedom in zero gravity (inside the international space station) These “spheres” travel within a defined area to complete tasks in a game scenario developed by researchers at MIT High School students compete against one another to earn the most points using a high-level language environment Virtual zero-gravity and visual simulation is used to allow online competition before the finals are executed on the space station Zero Robotics infrastructure and web site was built by TopCoder Zero Robotics infrastructure and web site was built by TopCoder


22 Perform formal software verification through games accessible to unspecialized players. A community platform Provides profiles, badges, forums Hosts 3 rd Party Games Provides storage & display for: Scores Achievements History


24 National Geographic Explorer

25 COMMUNITIES: ASTEROIDS Advancing the Asteroid Initiative Build communities around specialized challenges Encourage collaboration, and fun competition Connect the “Carbon Crowd” to the “Silicon Cloud”? Human Crowd Perception Algorithmic Automation Can an algorithm rank image analysis tasks in order of potential?

26 SIMILAR PROMISING RESULTS: Collective Minds Challenge Approaches: 1.Random forest approach to a reasonably short list of features, mostly concentrating on edges and circles. Features have been collected on areas of different sizes. Performance continues to improve with more training data. 2.Random forest approach to large number of features, mostly based on color-gradient analysis. Features have been analyzed on areas of different sizes. Performance saturates after a few thousand training samples. 1st and 2nd place submissions were good-quality generic-solution algorithms. These algorithms are comparable in scoring, and clearly outscore the third and fourth places. 510 Registrants 394 Solutions (~10 per competitor) 4 Winners 9 Submissions in Idea Generation Contest 21 day challenge $15k Prize Purse Credit: Dr. Rinat Sergeev, NASA Tournament Lab, Harvard IQSS

27 Concentrate on the real goals - What are you trying to do? - What problem are you trying to solve? - What do you want your audience to be able to accomplish? - Stay focused – do not get technical Learn to let go, allow creativity to flourish - Define goals but don’t define how! - Communicate! – be honest with your opinion - Allow yourself to be surprised and open to new ideas Iteration - Fail! Be prepared to fail and learn from it. - Plan to review multiple submissions, look for “gems” within - Provide feedback! CAPSTONE THOUGHTS Open Innovation via Communities is the practice of finding a way to do something new through access to people you normally wouldn’t be engaged with.

28 Thank you!

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