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Engaging Nurses in Research: Professor Laura Serrant-Green Professor of Community and Public Health Nursing.

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1 Engaging Nurses in Research: Professor Laura Serrant-Green Professor of Community and Public Health Nursing

2 Research and Nursing Practice Friendly strangers....or strange friends? What is missing is history………….


4 In 1902 the female inspector found... a particularly unsavoury case, owing to the vermin infesting the children’s heads, in addition to the filth of the whole place. The kitchen... was occupied for all purposes by two old and invalid sisters, the dissipated son of one of them and his feeble-minded wife and three children. There was one bed, those who could not find a place at night on this filthy and uncomfortable couch ‘slept anywhere’; the feeble- minded wife has made no attempt to inculcate habits of elementary decency in the children; the husband drinks and ill uses her; and food appears to be an infrequent item in the daily programme... The one bedroom of the cottage was allotted to the brother of the occupier and in this I found four dogs and several birds; the atmosphere of the whole house was pestilential. (FSI report 26 Mar 1902: 5)

5 Fit for purpose? women inspectors should be: “young, handsome, attractive, beautiful, pleasant, tidy, well- educated and up to date”. (Perth Sanitary Journal 1904)

6 Health and Professional Practice “Science and art of promoting health, preventing disease and prolonging life through organised efforts of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals “ (Wanless report 2004, p.3)

7 Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George SantayanaGeorge Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905 US (Spanish-born) philosopher (1863 - 1952)

8 Mary Seacole What counts as nursing?

9 Winifred Raphael (1898-1978) What counts as nursing research? Industrial psychologist Took part in suffrage procession aged 11 Began work as a sanitary inspector Researched user perspectives including patient views of hospitalisation Photo ©National Portrait Gallery, London

10 Background and Policy Context Key policies have called for nurses to be innovative and evidence based in their practice Yet the education, attitudes and infrastructure are not supportive of nursing research and scholarship Period of economic challenge: Timely to critically examine what is nursing research and why do we need it?

11 What is Nursing Research? Seeking answers to those questions which limit our ability to understand, determine and deliver “best care” and optimise “life chances” Entrepreneurial: ….the transformation of an idea into an enterprise that creates value: economic, social, cultural, or intellectual.” (University of Rochester 2008)

12 Why does (UK) nursing need it?  Broader need for innovation in health care e.g. new products  Creative, enterprising nurses: new ways of thinking, ingenious problem solving  Knowledge translation  UK reliance on ‘other’ scholarship

13 Purpose of Research in Nursing Improving science/art of preventing disease Promoting health and social well being Developing policies and interventions Via Using/extending the evidence base Knowledge transfer/ translation Commercialisation of knowledge

14 Opportunities: Transforming nursing services  New ways of delivering services  Internally driven change  Active as well as reactive engagement  Social entrepreneurship

15 Challenges: Socio-cultural Professionalism: Nursing a semi profession? Professional identity: Conflict? Professional beliefs, perceptions and attitudes Public acceptability and perception of nurse role

16 Challenges: Organisational Organisational culture Professional power structures Limited access to research education, knowledge and skills Reliance on old service models and old ways of solving problems

17 Challenges: Politico-economic Infrastructure Regulation and funding Clinical targets Employer nurse relationship Role of the nurse limited in the knowledge economy

18 Advancing Nursing Research Contemporary nursing education should include understanding, utilising and generating research evidence Nurses should embrace research as a legitimate part of their role wherever they practice Health systems should ensure that structural measures that create the environment in which nursing research and scholarship can flourish, are in place

19 How? Individual (Developing leaders) Theme groups around areas of expertise/research clusters HEFT/Clinical Directorates Personal CPD

20 Individual Valuing individuals (recognising potential) Identifying/assessing needs and opportunities (link with personal/professional CPD) Optimising and identifying links and partnerships to assist development Focussed and needs led Interdisciplinary scholarship/awaydays Direct supervision/buddying/mentorship

21 Theme groups/clusters Identifying clear focus for nursing research/Supporting current and prospective partnerships Horizon scanning via policy/DoH links Working in (new) cross sector teams re: policy/practice calls (LA/PH) Conferencing/consultancy and policy influence

22 HEFT/Clinical directorates Facilitation of nurturing/supportive environment (enabling philosophy) Ensuring the research infrastructure and administration Strategic planning/vision for research development across nursing practice sectors Effective networking with new/existing partners Intelligence: Competition/opportunities and addressing constraints

23 Frontline Care....lessons for nursing? Prime Minister’s commission on Nursing and Midwifery Evidence to reflect the community Scholarship and evidence informed practice Whole systems approaches Championing the ART and SCIENCE of care Focus on workforce as much as service delivery Educating and leadership for future research

24 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Mary Seacole Florence Nightingale Felicity Stockwell Edith Cavell Sr Eleanor Cooke, Liz Towell and Freda Ingall Mo at POW Neslyn Druee-Watson Professor Elizabeth Anionwu Dame Audrey Emmerson Mr Joe E

25 Future Proofing Nursing Research and Practice Begins here………..all graduate profession Mid Staffs enquiry – ‘failure to act’ ‘Care quake’ (Frontline care) Clinical academic careers Nursing research professors Service Improvement and Innovation

26 “As a profession, we need to move beyond simply selling nursing labour to commercialising nursing knowledge” (Johnson 2009)

27 Future proof…or lost in translation?

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