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2 Attention Grabber Introduce the topic of your essay in a strong opening statement.

3 Connector Transition the reader from your opening statement to your thesis by introducing the topic.

4 Thesis Statement Present your thesis which provides the argument you will prove throughout the essay.

5 Supporting Points Present the points you will discuss in your body paragraphs.

6 A C T S A baby cries in a nearby tent, dogs are barking, women are talking quietly. This situation is typical in a country like Zimbabwe, where limited resources make life more difficult. Through the study of current events, limited resources have made life hard for people in all countries. Limited Resources affect daily life. Inadequate amounts of water, oil, and forests all impact the countries of the world.

7 Transition It can be seen,

8 Synthesize Bring together the three points from your body paragraphs.

9 Thesis Restate your thesis in a new way

10 Analysis Return to your topic and present the logical conclusion of the evidence presented in your essay.

11 Clincher Ask yourself the question, “So what?” about your thesis and answer it by saying something important, interesting, or provocative that provides closure.

12 It can be seen, limited amounts of water, oil, and trees have all had their hand in creating difficulties for many countries. Daily life is affected by limited resources. Countries who experience hardships are often poor due to their limited resources. These countries, such as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Kenya, all want to become the superpower like the U.S., but wither their inadequate resources, this is often impossible to do. We, as humans, have a responsibility to help others, so how should we help these poor countries? By giving them money? Food? Resources would make the best gift, because with resources, these countries can flourish. S T A C

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