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Fresh Water (Wai Máori) Wetland Wander Noelene Landrigan rsj.

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1 Fresh Water (Wai Máori) Wetland Wander Noelene Landrigan rsj

2 Looking for inspiration I donned my gumboots and armed myself with a camera, pen and paper and headed to the seclusion of the wetland...

3 A crawl into the mānuka (tea tree) bushes.

4 What a sight! Five juvenile blackbirds sitting very still, like dark plums on a dying tree, beaks pointing parallel with twigs and feathers speckled like the tango of light and shade within the thicket.


6 Hidden juveniles Camouflaged by mānuka Dependent on mum.

7 The bright colour of yellow dandelions caught my eye. A bunch of picked flowers added to the bowl nature has provided.


9 Wild dandelions flower Blooming where they are planted Children have been here

10 Summertime conjures up memories from my childhood. Long grass to play and hide in, Seeds galore for little birds to feast upon.


12 Summer seeds itself Atop swamp sedges Dense roots purify

13 As a child, I ‘innocently’ broke open a spider web nursery, to see the thousands of wee spiders run around everywhere.

14 Here’s “Dolomedes” Spiderlings balloon away Dispersing freely

15 The outer leaves of the harakeke (flax bushes) were trimmed away, leaving the rito (growing shoot) and two awhi rito or matua (parent leaves) on either side.

16 The traditional way to plant harakeke is to plant the puku to the sun, so that the bulge fan faces halfway between the rising and setting sun thereby protecting the baby fans as they emerge at the back of the clump.


18 Harakeke fan Remembers its ancestors And waits the weaver

19 Mānuka (tea trees) flourish around the wetland. Visited by the honeybee and other insects. A beautiful classroom for cooperation, mutuality and reciprocity.


21 Hard yet beautiful Nitrogen fixer Delicate bee food

22 A myriad of aquatic insects. One surfaces. Twists its body to momentarily display a ‘solar panel’ to the sun above. I wish I could do that!


24 Beneath the mirror Fresh water insects abound Invertebrate food

25 Strong wind gusts. Threatening heavy rain drops repeating the words of Miriam Therese Winter, “The world we live in, that lives in us”.


27 Diversity reigns A miniature universe Sustained by its principles


29 For information about World Water Day, March 22 nd, visit the United Nations website.United Nations

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